Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Days and Love

Here at the Andrews house, we have surely been enjoying our Summer! Yes, we had record breaking temps in was Hot! But, there we sat (roasting) at the Softball games of our Grandgirls, cheering them on. Just like the USPS...Neither rain, sweltering heat, sleet or snow, could stop us from being there for our grandbabies.
There have been trips to the beach, bike rides with Papa or just hanging out on the back porch, while the grandbabies romp around the back yard. Elek, especially loves the sandbox...he is such a sweet boy. And so smart!!!
Now, here it is the middle of August, already. The Summer, has passed quickly and our girls, are now preparing to send their babies back to School. Shopping for clothes, shoes, school supplies and oh, I can't forget the dreaded School Physical! Life is good...things are happy and normal around here.
God has blessed us, we have more than we deserve. A roof over our heads, air conditioning that keeps us cool on these hot muggy days and lots of food and water to sustain us. While sadly, some have none of these. I, am thankful for the love of God in my life. For I truly believe, that love conquers all. It heals the broken and sets free those in bondage. It breaks, the shackles of a mind, tormented with shame and regret.
God loves us so much, that He gave His only begotten Son...Jesus. There is no greater love than this...