Tuesday, July 26, 2011

City Slicker

Blue Sky Ice Cream and Burgers...Romulus, Michigan

I am a Country girl. I am accustomed to Chickens roaming freely, pecking at the ground and sometimes YOU, if you get too close or they just happen to be in a fowl mood. Lol.
This leads me to the subject of this Post.
Last night after Supper along with our Girls and the Grandbabies. We drove out to the Blue Sky a little roadside Ice Cream and Burger joint. They also have wonderful Onion Rings if you happen to have a hankerin' for them.

You order at the window and believe me, there are plenty of picnic tables, lawn swings etc. so that you can hang out and enjoy your frozen confection or meal.
Well, we got our ice creams and mosied out back to the play area. There the adults can relax as the kids run off some of their boundless energy.
Lo and behold...roaming around next door (the owners of Blue Sky live there) are Chickens and a big ol' Rooster.
Oh, Ian, Em and Xavier were thrilled and off they went to check them out. Now, this ol' grammy gave them fair warning "Don't get too close or they'll come after you!"
Ian, who is 11 years old and knows everything :) is after the Rooster...not smart.
Another warning "Leave the Rooster alone."
The next thing you know that Rooster is off the ground and heading for Ian's shirtless torso! Ahhhh...that boy got out of there in a hurry. (Wish I would've gotten it on video) Maybe, next time that City Slicker Grandson will believe his ol' grammy...I am a country girl after all.
And if you're looking for a little bit of Country...head on down to the Blue Sky! Where you can have yourself an Ice Cream and get flogged by a Chicken at the same time!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue Skies Shining On Me

Today was a picture perfect day. The morning sky was so blue and the gentle breeze made for a lovely morning on the back porch.
Now, by no means was it quiet and peaceful. Law, Xavier and Em were flailing about and wailing like a couple of banshees. And believe me their bickering made it hard to get much Bible reading done...sigh. Things finally calmed down, when their Papa and Mama, took them, Maddy and Ian to the Metro-Park for an afternoon of swimming. Celebrate good times...come on. It was wonderful to enjoy some quiet.
Our sweet Elek fell fast asleep. So, that meant that Kell and I got to spend time talking and chillaxin'. I watched as the hummingbird flitted around for it's afternoon fix of our Honeysuckle Vine. And the Bees, Butterflies and Rabbits are daily visitors here. So, even though I am stuck living in the city...this ol' country girl gets to enjoy reminders of both home and glorious memories of childhood.
As always God is faithful. This past week He brought me through a scary trip to the ER, where thankfully it was nothing serious. Just a bad case of Vertigo. Which kept me homebound because I couldn't drive, since I felt like I had a constant case of motion sickness.
Good night all. The Banana Bread that I whipped up is fresh out of the oven and calling my name. God is good!