Thursday, June 9, 2011

Company's Comin'

I am a planner. I am a maker of lists. I need time to prepare. I want to know things in plenty of time, not last minute! Why? Because my OCD kicks in and functioning normally is over!
So, upon hearing that Tomer's cousin would be here tomorrow...I went into panic mode.
Good grief...How can I clean everything in sight, when the grandbabies are here!?
I have the guest bed stripped and laundry whirling downstairs...just like my mind.
I need to scrub floors, the bathroom, dust & vacuum, hose off the back porch and grocery shop. Ahhh...what am I going to cook? Sheesh. Now, I am talking to myself! That's a sure sign that this ol' grammy is in a tizzy!
Okay, Trish you can do this. Just give things a lick and a promise, it's not that bad. And try to remember the words of your daughter Mandy (who is just like her Daddy) "Just calm down!"
Meanwhile, company's comin' and my mind is gone!
Blessings ya'll.


Pat said...

You're so silly! YOu could eat off any surface of your home, inside or out!
What are you cooking? Any thing Hungarian?
Just be your sweet self, relax and it will all be good.
Love you sissy!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know exactly how you feel. I am sure that your house is clean even when its dirty to you! Relax and have a fun time with your company.

Diane said...

May I just say "I love you"?! I love the way you continue to use your southern uphemisms and how you can write just as if you are sittin talkin to me. I love that you are sometimes so I me, or I like you, whatever! I, too, am a planner and list maker from way back so I completely understand. As others have said, I know your house is spic and span so relax and enjoy your company!

Love and hugs...........


Felisol said...

I make lists too. Actually Gunnar just came up with three books of lists, which I used in my former career.
Now I just make What to do notes,- one for me and one wish list for Gunnar, in case he forgets..
Which he usually does. He has plans of his own.

I am a firm believer in clean bed sheets, but not necessarily in clean floors all of the time, especially when there's children involved. Superficial vacuuming is fine.
Good and tasty food can be bought at any deli store.
Then you will not be totally exhausted and can enjoy entertaining your visitor.
Which is the thing she will remember.
Good, laid back luck.
From Felisol