Tuesday, June 28, 2011

For Pat

Sissy...this song was on my heart this morning while praying for you and after listening to it, I felt led to put it here...just for you. It is my favorite song and it always makes me cry!
Praying without ceasing...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Daddy and I...1953

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Company's Comin'

I am a planner. I am a maker of lists. I need time to prepare. I want to know things in plenty of time, not last minute! Why? Because my OCD kicks in and functioning normally is over!
So, upon hearing that Tomer's cousin would be here tomorrow...I went into panic mode.
Good grief...How can I clean everything in sight, when the grandbabies are here!?
I have the guest bed stripped and laundry whirling downstairs...just like my mind.
I need to scrub floors, the bathroom, dust & vacuum, hose off the back porch and grocery shop. Ahhh...what am I going to cook? Sheesh. Now, I am talking to myself! That's a sure sign that this ol' grammy is in a tizzy!
Okay, Trish you can do this. Just give things a lick and a promise, it's not that bad. And try to remember the words of your daughter Mandy (who is just like her Daddy) "Just calm down!"
Meanwhile, company's comin' and my mind is gone!
Blessings ya'll.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's All Good

It has been hotter than normal here in good ol' Michigan. But that's not going to stop this ol' grammy, from heading to my favorite Summer time spot! Yes, I said Summer because Spring...though slow to get here, has left us in a hurry.

I absolutely, love heading out back in the mornings with coffee and Bible in hand. After spending time in the Word this country girl enjoys the sights, sounds and oh, the smells...our Russian Olive Tree smells heavenly right now. It is so peaceful to just sit a spell and soak it all in. God is good.

And now, to add even more pleasure to my Porch time. We have a young Robin fresh from it's nest...who, isn't fearful of us and came close enough for Tomer to offer it a worm. Sheesh, it even landed on the door step while I was cleaning the storm door window...Whew, it startled me! (I think, I even let out a wee bit of a holler.)
So, after record breaking snowfalls this Winter, we are now getting adjusted to some unusally high temps...Ain't life grand? Yes siree, it surely is!