Saturday, May 28, 2011

Staying Put

After a busy week, I have decided that today, I am staying put. No scurrying off to run errands, no taking care of the grandbabies and certainly no shopping!
There will be nothing but home time for this ol' grammy.
I had the pleasure of my Tomer's company for coffee this morning and together we watched, our resident Mama Rabbit give her Baby Bunny the tour of their (our) yard.
Now, the Mama knows what plants are good but Baby doesn't and last night the heads of several Marigolds were snipped clean off their stems and left shriveling on the sidewalk! If they taste as bad as they smell...I say shoo wee, nasty! Believe me, Tomer was not happy but thankfully, we had extra plants and the bare ones have already been replaced.
The laundry is swishing away downstairs and I plan to make and cut out some lettering for our Sunday School Bulletin Board. A new quarter starts next week and that means a new lesson theme begins...hence, re-do of the Bulletin Board. Maybe, I will post a photo of the finished project???
Well, I am off to laundrocize and do whatever I set my mind to...Hmmm, thinking that will be a few Word Search Puzzles, a Mani-Pedi, visits with Tomer in the back yard (in between rain drops) and you know that will include several Coffee breaks. Lol. Ta-ta for now!
Have a blessed weekend and remember to thank a Veteran...Let Freedom Ring!


Pat said...

Sounds like a perfect plan Sissy. I'm doing pretty much the same.
Thank you for bringing me the Timmy's and the doughnut last night, but most of all for your sweet company. Why don't we do this more often?!
I'm holding your jacket you left for ransom! Love you!

Mrs. Mac said...

Sounds like a PERFECT day Trish! Enjoy your much deserved day of whatever you want to do at home .. I'm still in my jammies and plan on a similar day :) Blessings to you sweet friend !!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I like your plan, sounds wonderful!
Have a beautiful weekend.

Felisol said...

The blessed homey days "Where it is enough to me, not to be being but to be."
Have a wonderful weekend, enjoying the company of your family.