Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Road Home

I was born in Erin. Lived in Tennessee Ridge...Mama & Bobby still do.

After being sick for over 2 weeks, it feels wonderful to be going at full throttle again. Days, of laying around and doing nothing are not enjoyable but in my old age I am learning to let things go. Believe me, nothing was out of place...I couldn't rest a lick if there was...but the bedrooms didn't get dusted and the laundry was done, just not completely. I had no, zilch, nada!
So, today I am happily laundrocizing and packing our bags for our Spring trip to Tennessee! Yes, tomorrow evening, we will be on the road South headed for the place of my birth...sigh.
The Red Buds and Dogwoods will be in bloom, the air will be warm and sweet, and the hills, green and welcoming. Oh, I will greet them with arms wide open and a heart full of joy...Home is where the heart is and I can't wait to get there.



Diane said...

Are you there yet????? ;-)

So thankful you'll get to feel the TN dirt between your toes yet again! Nothing like it in the whole world!

Many hugs..............


Sandy said...

Hi Trish,
I am happy for you getting to
go visit your home and family
and Tennessee. I love the South
and wouldn't want to live anywhere
else on earth.
Have a good time and take care.
Maybe send us all some pictures
of what you're doing while you're

Felisol said...

Wishing you a joyful trip back to your roots.
Best travel one can do.
Hope you leave all the germs behind and have your arms and your heart full of southern spring.

Pat said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip, don't need to tell you to have a good time, that's a given!
We're about to head north to open the cottage..Spring is so wonderful!
Love you bunches Sissy!

Becky said...

Have a great trip! can't wait to see pics.

donna said...

Have a beautiful time with your u!