Monday, March 28, 2011

Straw Hats and Sun Dresses

Spring comments

After spending the weekend homebound, nursing a bad cold. I had to venture to Stuff Mart today! Let me just say...I still felt like junk and looked it too, cause all I did was shower and let my hair air dry. Believe me, as I entered the Mart for some stuff, I prayed... Lord, please don't let me run into anyone that I know? Thank God, I didn't...sigh.
As, I strolled about looking at all of the Spring and Summer finery. I had a brain storm! Ooh, I am going to buy myself a couple of Straw Hats and several Sun Dresses to match...Yes indeed, that's this ol' grammy's answer to flat hair days when I feel like junk. (And no one will be the wiser) Maybe, I'll even find myself a Parasol to complete the ensemble. I am a Southern Belle, after all!
"Well,Fiddle dee dee."



Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me!

Felisol said...

Nothing like a straw hat to feel summer in your hair!
Sundress; way too early. I'd like to feel like a Southern Belle, even for just a day.Lucky you, seize the day.

Diane said...

Straw hats.....yep, I could definitely get into that. Sundresses.....ummmm, no I don't think so. These snowy white arms with with the wrinkled, flabby wings would scare small children to silence! Hope you feel better!

Many hugs.............


Sandy said...

I love sundresses but am not
a straw hat fan, though my
hubby wears one when he's
out in the veggie garden.
Glad you're feeling better!
Hope your week is a blessed

Pat said...

I wore a straw hat last summer when we went on the world longest garage was lifesaver! It was so hot and humid, a decent hair style was impossible.
Sundress? Not on me, I've got too much arm flabbage!

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh Trish we use that a lot here in my country of summer all year round (when it's not raining) and 7100 islands, so you can visit one beach every day of the year and island hop, and not visit the same beach twice for many years. Parasols, straw hats, and summer dresses... go for it, friend. It will do you a lot of good. You feel light and unencumbered. Such a nice feeling.


donna said...

hmmmmm being a yankee....I don't know.... I'll have to think about it...perhaps on the beach in my barefeet....

Becky said...

straw hats remind me of my mom! i think i'd like to find one!

Terry said...

happy birthday miss spring!!love terry

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Trish

Mrs. Mac said...

So how many hats did you buy? And sun dresses? I think I'd like to visit Crown Of Beauty for a year round summer experience .. want to join me?

Hope you are feeling better .. the crud we have is LINGERING .. may yours go away very soon.

Blessings to you dear friend,

Debra said...

I wished hats looked good on me...I would wear them all the time! You'll have to take a picture and let us see!