Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating...Ian Thomas

Today our family will gather to celebrate Ian's 11th birthday. Now, after having 2 girls...when Ian came into the world, this ol' grammy was not prepared for the energy and antics of boys!
What a joy to see his zest for life and his kind, loving heart. He is fearless on bikes and skateboards...yet, shy and quiet among strangers. He loves Church, his family and has a heart for the hurting.
He is named after his Papa (my Tomer) and is so like him. He has his hands, his thin frame, his energy.
While holding him in church some years back the Lord told Tom that "One day Ian would hold his Grandson in Church." Papa cries when remembering this...Oh, our God is faithful and has blessed us with this wonderful boy.
Thank you Lord for our Eman...



Diane said...

What a joy for you he must be! He is simply adorable and I know I'm not supposed to say that about eleven year old boys! Don't tell him and perhaps I can get away with it! ;-) Daddy once told me nothing can melt your heart like your grandchildren. Of course, then he had greats and decided his previous statement had been incorrect! Praising God for the blessings your Ian has been, and will continue to be, in your lives.

Many hugs........


Felisol said...

Happy birthday to Ian, I hope you tell him he is a promise fulfilled.
He'll soon enough learn the girls find him irresistible.
Those eyes and that smile, wow.
Be happy, lucky and proud together and enjoy the day and each others company.
From Felisol

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Ian Thomas!
He is so handsome. Hope it was a wonderful celebration.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Ian

Mrs. Mac said...

Boys and their energy .. that's what keeps the world running in high gear. May God give him a heart to serve and bless all of his days. Happy belated birthday Ian.

Joanne said...

Just happened upon your blog. What a wonderful testament to God's love for us all! Blessings, Joanne

Sandy said...

Wishing a belated but very
Happy Birthday to Ian Thomas!
What a good-looking young
fella and I love his name.
We were considering naming
one of our boys that exact
name but at the last minute
changed our minds. Now my
Seth says he is going to
name his son Ian James or
Ian Thomas.