Saturday, February 5, 2011


Surprise! It is snowing again here in good ol' Michigan. Right about now, I think God is looking down on our weather guys and gals with a big grin on His face and saying "gotcha!" LOL I for one am glad we had no clue, because the news would have been highly last weeks snowmageddon reports that we heard over and over and over.
Supper is finished and the kitchen cleaned. Now, I am laundrocizing! You won't believe it, but I am actually (in my old age) learning to enjoy this the least favorite of my household chores. Or maybe, I am just more aware that God has blessed me with the strength, energy and agility to keep my home, take care of grandbabies and do what he has called me to do. That, my friends is something that I truly thank the Lord for!
This post is going to be short and sweet...Tomer is on his way in from clearing snow. So, I will get off here and greet him with a nice hot cup of tea. Then, it's time to get Em and Xavie in and out of the shower and prepare for Church in the morning.
God is awesome...


Samantha said...

Amen, God is Awesome !
Enjoy your snow and your weekend sweet Trish.
Love and hugs !!

Pat said...

It's no secret, I'M READY FOR SPRING, LOL!!
I'm thankful that I can stay inside if I choose...God always provides ways to get through the storms!
love you sissy!

donna said...

We had snow last night too...It is not secret....I love the snow.
love to you

Karen said...

I found you over @ Sandy's. Loved dropping by. Yes, I too am thankful to be able to do those dreaded things (housework). Always thanksgiving in everything. :) Drop by and visit @ Places of my Heart.

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
You are right; the older I get, the more I see the blessings of the little things.
..And how important all these little things are.
My mother, a widower, living alone, to far away for us to reach on a regular basis, have had a "young" 70 year old neighbor coming with his snowblower for three months now. Of course she insist on paying him, but he's doing all these little things like piling fire wood on her doorstep, sand on the gangway to the bin and much more.
The best thing, my mom says, I never have to ask him for help, He's just seeing my needs and helping out.
I thank the Lord for sending Andres and his wife Hildur to my mother.
Her highest wish is to live in her home the rest of her days, (we have invited her to stay with us), and the good Lord is providing for her day by day.
As he is for me too.
Happy Lord's day to you and your family.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

Wishihn g you lots of sunshine an d warmth.

I like your template an d font. Very easy to read.

I like visitng blogs which have large fonts and are neat.