Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beauty In The Storm

I used a flash but it was blowing so that it stayed dark.

Last night, after everyone was fast asleep...I stayed up to enjoy the peace and quiet. Because of the weather my son-in-law David was out the past 2 nights clearing lots of snow! Since Mandy works midnights, that means that this ol' grammy has been caring for Miss Em and Xavie for 2 days. So, I was (still am) tired but needed some alone time.

The winds started howling and when I peered through the blinds I could barely see!
So, I grabbed my camera and stood on the front porch to capture these dark images. I find this weather so beautiful. It was cold and windy! Wow! God is mighty...He controls every storm we batttle.

This morning I wandered out back and this is the tip of a ruler, just barely peeking out of the snow next to my back door. Some spots measured a foot, while others were barely 10". Thankfully, it wasn't the 18" to 20" that the weather folks were calling for...Mandy didn't get stuck at work and made it home safely.

Now, I want to share this bit of beauty in the midst of Winter my Amaryllis (gift from Kell and Michael) is is called the "Christmas Gift." Rightly so, for God gave His only Son and He washes us as White as Snow! Enjoy this glorious day...blessings!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
We saw on a satellite picture how this with snow storm cloud was covering most of my scarf sister friends.
Made me pray and and wonder how you were doing midst in the white blizzard.
Reading your blog post so full of peace and confidence made at peace. God is there, right by your side at anytime.

Sandy said...

"God is mighty-He controls every
storm we battle." I love this,
Trish, and I so agree!
I've been reading about the snow
so many blog friends are getting.
I love snow and we're due to get
some starting tomorrow night and
into Friday.
I love your new blog decor!

Debra said...

I especially love the second picture. It looks like a beautiful wintery painting! Stay warm and safe!

Becky said...

So very thankful it was not what it was supposed to be for us.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is a lot of snow! Love the Amaryllis. My father-in-law use to send one to me at Christmas. Love the white one. Have a nice weekend.
Hope you get some sleep.

Samantha said...

Such an uplifting post, praise God for his blessings !
Love your Amaryllis, such a thoughtful gift and it is just beautiful.

Blessing to you sweet Trish, have a wonderful weekend !!

Sandy said...

It's weird, Trish. I can't
get your current post to
show up on my screen. It
keeps showing this one
over and over.