Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis The Season

It's been a busy morning around here! I will spare you all the the details of my household chores, they are way too boring! What I will tell you, is that I am feeling just a wee bit stressed!!! So, I decided that I need to sit right here and take some deep breaths...ahhh. That's better! Now, I will repeat to myself that-Jesus is the reason for the season!
The smell of spice cake is filling my home...Mmm. I am making a pumpkin trifle dessert for tonight's Christmas Party at Church. And this Tim Horton's coffee that my Tomer went out of his way to bring me this morning, reminds me that I am still special to him after all of these years together. I am blessed.
Tomorrow evening we will try to Christmas this place up...
I may not have one ornament hung or lights glowing in this house (yet)...but my heart glows with the love of God. He, loved me enough to send His only Son for me...
Yes, 'Tis the Season of love and Jesus is the reason for it all!
I am at peace...sigh.


Sandy said...

You're so sweet and funny, Trish.
Hope you'll share some pictures
of your decorations when you get
them up. The desserts sound so
yummy! My mom used to love spice
cake. Have fun decorating!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is beautiful. My great plans are on hold because I got a lung infection. God wants me to take notice of what is really important.
I have decided that my tree will get done when it gets done. I will get my out of town stuff shipped as soon as I feel better. Then do my cards. Tree doesn't need to be done until Christmas day!

Mrs. Mac said...

You remember from childhood years that a lot of people didn't even put up decorations until mid December .. sometimes .. we even put a tree up on Christmas Eve (when they were half off and that's all we could afford;) ... Stress is just not worth it. Enjoy your Tim Hortons .. and the spice cake .. but most of all .. enjoy HIM!:) Love,


Debra said...

Know all about that stress thing so your not alone in that. I'm going a little light on the Christmas decorations this year and plan to just ride around town enjoying the lights and decorations of others!

Yes, Jesus IS the reason for this season indeed!