Friday, December 31, 2010

I Wish You

Here it is New Years Eve. A new decade is upon us and I pray that God blesses you real good in 2011.
I wish you a year of joy, peace, health and prosperity. But above all this, I wish you love. Love of family, love for your fellow man, love for those who are lost and longing for acceptance in a world, that sometimes looks down on their color, race or creed.
May we love with God's love...perfect love that casts out fear. If we do, this lost and dying world will see the One who gives hope to all.
Let His light shine!

Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. 1 John 2:10

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Here We Are As In Olden Days...

As I finish up some baking and prepare to make our traditional Hungarian Gulyas for tonight. I have been listening to some precious old Christmas Carols...Oh, Holy Night the stars are brightly shining...Noel, Noel born is the King of Israel...Oh, come let us adore Him Christ the Lord. Such beautiful words.
Sitting here sipping on my coffee before going on with my day...I have to say that, I am thankful for a Mama and Daddy, who made sure that their children knew that Jesus was the only reason we celebrate. I can tell you that deep within my soul, is where the best gift they ever gave was to love others, forgive as God forgives and to always be kind. I pray, that those lessons will linger in the souls of my girls and their babies. Always.
It's not what you have or what gifts you give, but how you treat others. So, Daddy as I sit here missing you this morning. I remember your words "a soft answer, turneth away wrath." You were always that example in my life...what a gift.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Counting Down

Miss Em and grammy at our ladies of Faith Advent Service.

This Christmas has been a wonderfully, busy time for this ol' grammy! It started with Emilee's Christmas Concert, in which she sang a solo for the first time was beautiful! Of course, since I happen to be the grammy I am just a wee bit partial. As soon as she came off the stage, we had to rush to the Church for our ladies of Faith "Advent Service."
Since Pat already wrote of what a beautiful time of sharing and worship...(Oh, what a Holy Night we had.) I will just say that Amy delivered the perfect message. And the Holy Spirit filled that room with such love and peace...isn't that what Christmas is all about?

I made this wreath with a coat hanger, sandwich bags and simple decorations.

Friday night, I hosted our Sister/Cousin Christmas dinner. As children, we were always together! My Daddy and their Mama (Aunt Mildred) were very close and our lives so closely intertwined. They instilled in us the of love for family and now, with them gone on to be with Jesus...I want to keep that love of family alive.
So, today I will enjoy a quiet day at home. Tomorrow night will be the last of our Christmas parties...the Church Leadership dinner. Then, I will do the baking of traditional Hungarian Pastries!
All shopping is done...Need to do some wrapping, but Tomer does most of that while I do the baking in the evenings. That's what we have done our whole married lives...Tomer is always such a help.
God, is so good and I thank Him for His many blessings in our lives.
Just 5 more days until we celebrate the birth of our Saviour...A baby changed everything!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tarnished and Imperfect

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Andrews house...Hallelujah! There is nothing that gets me in the decorating mood like a good ol' snow storm!
View from my front window. would be lovely to sit right here and enjoy a visit over coffee. Don't worry I have tea, both herbal and green varitities for all of my friends, who enjoy a nice cuppa.

This is the view into our kitchen from the living room...more of the kitchen later.

The fireplace mantle...I think with the new tile and Chandelier that Tomer just added makes this my favorite thing to gaze upon this year. you notice anything familiar? Yes, I hung your Mom's Chandelier near the fireplace!

The tree wasn't completed yet...more photo's later.
Last, but not least...the tree! My absolute favorite thing. I have ornaments that hung on both of our trees as children. They may be a little tarnished from age but that makes them even more special. Why? Because as I grow older their imperfections remind me of my life...though imperfect, my Saviour loves me...I may be a bit tarnished but He makes me shiney and new.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Pearl Harbor Day

The Arizona was struck by a converted sixteen inch armor penetrating naval shell that was dropped from a high level horizontal bomber. The bomb penetrated between the number one and two turrets, proceeded aft and downward through several decks, and exploded in one of the Arizona's aircraft catapult gunpowder magazines. The resulting fire ignited the main gun magazines where great quantities of gunpowder were stored. The explosion blew out all forward transverse bulkheads and caused the ship to sink to the harbor bottom in a few minutes. The explosion and sinking resulted in the death of over 1100 crew members.*

The Arizona has been preserved as a tomb for most of the crew and as a memorial to the events of this day. The observation structure in the picture spans the ship's hulk, with Ford island in the background. The memorial is accessed by boats from the naval base at Pearl Harbor. Within the memorial, the first object seen is the ship's bell. In the middle, viewing ports overlook the Arizona. At the far end, a marble wall is inset with bronze letters naming the deceased crew members.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis The Season

It's been a busy morning around here! I will spare you all the the details of my household chores, they are way too boring! What I will tell you, is that I am feeling just a wee bit stressed!!! So, I decided that I need to sit right here and take some deep breaths...ahhh. That's better! Now, I will repeat to myself that-Jesus is the reason for the season!
The smell of spice cake is filling my home...Mmm. I am making a pumpkin trifle dessert for tonight's Christmas Party at Church. And this Tim Horton's coffee that my Tomer went out of his way to bring me this morning, reminds me that I am still special to him after all of these years together. I am blessed.
Tomorrow evening we will try to Christmas this place up...
I may not have one ornament hung or lights glowing in this house (yet)...but my heart glows with the love of God. He, loved me enough to send His only Son for me...
Yes, 'Tis the Season of love and Jesus is the reason for it all!
I am at peace...sigh.