Monday, November 15, 2010

Love From The Pig Pen

Mess maker, mess maker, make me a mess! That is the tune that I sing to our resident Pig Pen...Elek! Once upon a time my house was a sparkling, everything neat as a pin, kind of place. Not so much since Elek has hit the the floor running!
I have never seen a child go from one thing to another so quickly, leaving paths of destruction all along his way...sigh.
Now, I am no Spring Chicken! In fact, this ol' grammy has days that I barely keep up with the devastation. LOL. I cannot even finish making a bed before he has scaled the bed post and is happily jumping up and down while chanting "boing, boing, boing."
I have found it necessary, for my own sanity, to leave some of the toys lay where they fall or drive myself utterly up the wall. If you are looking for peace and quiet don't come around here. No, don't do it because there is nothing quiet about Elek or Xavier. But, if you want lots of I love you's, big hugs and mushy kisses...This is the place for you.
Yes, indeed my boys are a mess! But, no matter the mayhem, I promise that you will leave here feeling loved and wearing a smile.



nancygrayce said...

OH, how I'd love having my grandchildren near enough to come make a mess!!!!!

Sandy said...

I want grandchildren so much!
They sure sound full of life
and joy. Just relax and have
fun with them. You can always
clean house on Saturdays.
Love the picture of sweet
Pig Pen. I love all of the
Charlie Brown characters.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, you really keeps you on your toes. Thank God for the hugs & kisses!

Pat said...

You may need a double double of some Timmy!
Love the picture of pig pen!
love you sissy....I'd help, but I got nothing left! LOL!

Amrita said...

Blessing for you

Margie said...

your boys love because they are loved!