Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Shakes And Michael

It is sooo good to finally be back! Between computer woes and me feeling like junk...I have not been here much of late. As for the computer, I finally broke down and bought myself a new laptop when the Mart was running a great sale last Saturday.
Oh, I know that I said I did not enjoy my Manda's laptop but this newer version is awesome. This ol' gal just has to get used to this mouse...touchy, touchy, touchy.

I am starting to feel human again after being sick...thank the Lord! I woke up Sunday in the wee hours feeling lousy. Made myself crawl out of bed for Sunday School since my Tomer was in the woods of Bronson...hunting. Someone had to teach our class and i was it. Honestly, I did a little groaning but the words "Obedience is better than sacrifice" kept running through my mind. Thank you Lord!
After Church I was like a horse heading for the barn! (I promise that I kept the speed limit.) Made a run through White Castles for lunch and one of their delicious chocolate shakes. If you haven't had one, let me just say "that they are good for what ails ya!" Yum!!!

So, after crock pot meals and spending lots of time vegging on the couch...I am up but not quite going at full speed, as yet. The Lord is good! And believe me, I am not complaining about having a cold...for a 58 year old grammy I am blessed with good health and strength enough to care for my grandbabies. And for that...I am so grateful!

Love to you all...bessings.

Sandy...I found this recent song by The Gaither Vocal Band and I love it. Thought you would too...especially since Michael is singing it! Now, I have to get to Family Bible Store so that I can pick up their new CD!


Sandy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better
now, Trish. We don't have a
White Castles here but I do
love chocolate shakes!
I haven't heard this song. It
must be on the new CD I'm
guessing. It's beautiful! Oh,
where would we be without our
wonderful Lord's forgiveness?
So glad for His restoration of
dear Michael's life and ministry.

Mrs. Mac said...

Glad you are getting back to 'up and at'em' speed. I have one grandbaby to care for and am wiped out at the end of the day .. God must have given you much favor in the strength dept.:)

Feel better .. and thanks for sharing the beautiful song.

xxx Cathy

Pat said...

Don't you wish that Discount Bible was still open? I was just thinking about them yesterday and how easy it was to run over there.
I'm happy to hear you're feeling better by day and moment by moment our healing happens.
This is a beautiful song...I need to put it on my ipod!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Glad your feeling better. We had White Castle when we were in Chicago, boy do I miss them. So glad you got a new computer. Get yourself a separate mouse. I can't use a laptop without it. I do not like those little pads. I would never get any blogging done if I didn't have one.

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
Glad you are up and full of life.
I've never tasted a White Castle, it has not crossed the pond along with Coca Cola, Snickers, Mac Donald's and Starbucks.Sometimes I feel we eat more American food, than Norwegian.
I can manage without most things, but a Snickers bar will tempt me anytime.
Bu a cordless mouse for your lap top, it will save you from tension in your shoulders.

Have a blessed Sunday and a happy return of Tomer.
From Felisol

Debra said...

So glad your bletter! Congrats on the new computer. I know it takes some getting used to but you will enjoy it having a new one!

Loved that song. I had not heard it!