Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheesey Movies On My DVR

It's that time again...time for all those cheesey Christmas movies on the Hallmark and Family Channels. With remote in hand, here I sit...sigh. Kell and Elek left a bit ago. So, I finished the scrubbing of the bathroom, passed the vacuum and polished all fingerprints from the tables.(laundrocizing will commence later)
Finding myself with a few hours alone...I am going to push the DVR button, cuddle up with a blanket made just for me and drink myself a tall glass of lemonade.
Yes siree, this ol' grammy has learned to take time to let the cares of this world roll right off my shoulders! I won't waste another moment dwelling on things that I can't control or change by worrying. Why bother? The Lord knows my needs before I even ask!
Oh, friends I have much to be thankful for! Click...I'm fixin' to watch the "Christmas Choir."
I am blessed!


Sandy said...

"The Christmas Choir"?? That's
a new one on me. Do you watch
the Home Alone movies? And
Charlie Brown? Those are my
favorites--oh, and "It's A
Wonderful Life."
Enjoy yourself!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I've started watching Christmas movies. They are my favorite. I have one from Hallmark to watch and a new one is on CBS Sunday.
I have dozens that I will watch between now and Christmas. Enjoy!

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
You are right, the Lord knows what I need. But then again, I have to know what my family needs.
Like these days; I find myself busy packing 24 advent parcels to send to Serina. One for each day of December till Christmas Eve. Do I spoil her? Naah, my mother did the same for me till I was thirty.
Those little things meant even more, than the big gifts on Christmas Eve.
Love and consideration for a girl, longing home for Christmas..
While I'm waiting I have my old Norwegian and Swedish Christmas movies. All this and Snoopy too.

Trish said...

Felisol...I agree...my family always comes first!
Serina is blessed and so are you to have such loving mother's.