Monday, November 29, 2010

Crazy Christmas Lights

Here I sit!!! After hauling out all Christmas lights to get ready for decorating half of them are not working! How can that be? Last year, when we ever so neatly tucked them away they were working...sigh.
Tomer says, after this year no more mini lights and that we will change to the new (more expensive and much brighter) LED lights. Okay, but will that end our dilema?
I don't happen to believe so. Nope, I think I should have kept the box of big ol' lights my Mom-in-law still used...ya' know the ones that burn your fingers off? They were well over 40 years old and still shining, with no half-strands darkened and never to work again! Plus, there were no fits of anger to steal our joy and I am sure, that they were made in the good ol' U. S. Of A., not China or Taiwan etc. etc.
Thank you very much for letting me rant tonight...I sure wasn't gonna say anything to my Tomer- cause one loud gutteral groan was enough for this ol' grammy. LOL
New lights they be a coming!



Sandy said...

That's a real drag. One year
we got the entire tree all
decorated and then all the
lights went out. Never came
back on. Had to take them
all off and start over.
Another year about a week
before Christmas and all
the family parties every
needle fell off the tree.
Yep! Every stinking one.
After that I said no more
real trees.

Margie said...

Its because the guage of the copper is so small that the strands are easily broken, the stuff in the old days was thicker!


Felisol said...

Funny, I'm just having a break in front of my PC, after freezing my fingers blue hanging up some outdoor lights.
And I find we are having the same troubles all over the world.
Except, maybe, we only use a small amount of lights. I see from the movies, the Americans go ballistics, ( I do hope that is not a x-rated word),over outdoor decorating.
I think Grisham wrote a funny novel about it once, the decorating, or was it Irving?
Gunnar hung up most o the lights yesterday. Today I just added more light strings on top of the black ones today.
Thought I was kind of clever.
I always buy new lights after Christmas on the big sales.
They cannot be repaired anyhow.
We have not got LED lights here. They will probably come in five years or so.
Just like the TV sets.
Tomorrow I'm gathering friends for Christmas workshop, and afterwards one more day of vacuuming and tidying up.
It sure is worth it.

Mrs. Mac said...

I have several unopened boxes of the big honker bulb lights. Remember sticking the bulb in your mouth if it wouldn't come on .. then sticking the wet end in the socket (oh my .. LOL)? I have visions of a ballistically decorated home (once upon a time) .. then realized that the front of our home is quite high .. and decided to just stick to decorating the porch rail .. makes it simple. Hopefully, your lights have come on :)

Pat said...

You need to buy one of those repair things they show on TV...and let me know if it works! LOL!
Your home is always beautiful and glowing sissy, even if your lights go out!

Rebecca said...

What IS it with those lights? My dear husband went to hang a strand in front of our house last night. He checked them before he took them out. All of them lit up. However, when they came on via the light sensor later, only about 1/3 of them lit. FRUSTRATION!!!

I really like the appearance of your blog. That header is SO sharp!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your blog looks so pretty. I agree those big lights always worked. It was so simple to just twist in a new bulb!!