Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Homemaker

It's almost here...Autumn.

I have been the busy little homemaker today. After my time with the boys and Tomer left for Church. (I played hooky.) I decided to vacuum, polish furniture and of course, laundrocize. Don't want a pile a show dog can't jump.
I then made myself a nice fresh cup of coffee, lit my yummy smelling candle from Kell and settled in to watch a show I had on DVR that Tomer doesn't enjoy. Tomer, always ruins programs by figuring out the ending...grrr, it sometimes aggravates me! Now, after 41 years with him, I find myself doing the same thing...proud to say that I sometimes beat him to the it when that happens...LOL.
The weather has been glorious! Jerry (local weather guy) says rain is coming in tonight after midnight and we surely need it! I love listening to it in the night don't you?
After my program was over, I decided to go check out the garden. Picked some tomatoes, Hungarian peppers and raspberries. Just couldn't resist the raspberries! So, as soon as I got back to the kitchen I ate a handful! Oh, they are so sweet this year.
Now, I am baking a batch of Amish breakfast bars. They are a great snack! Tomer, likes to keep a bag of them on the school bus to curb the hunger pangs until he gets home.
Well, it's about time to get the last load of laundry from the dryer. Soon the oven timer will ring and my day will be done. Gonna get myself a glass of water and relax a bit before bed time.


Constance said...

Sometimes I think we have lost the art of relaxation! Not you obviously ;-)

It's funny when Dave plans to travel out of town I think of the movies I am going to watch and so on. When he actually leaves I get caught up in other projects or movies just don't seem as appealing.

Have you shared that recipe over at the Hood Recipe Blog? They sound great!

Trish said...

Connie...Yes, back in March i shared this with the Hood!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a great afternoon.
Yes my husband and I don't agree often on shows. Then he has to mock a sappy movie. I get angry. Hearing some rain sounds so peaceful. Your garden sounds awesome. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. You explain it all with such beauty, even doing laundry.

Pat said...

Now I just dare someone to tell me that this life of a housewife isn't the most awesome of all!
We are blessed..and we are thankful!

Crown of Beauty said...

What a blessing to read this post. The autumn picture is lovely... and homemade sweet raspberry bars must be so special.

I enjoyed visiting your blog today.


Mrs. Mac said...

Your picture to usher in fall is so beautiful. I can almost smell the coffee, candle .. and Amish bars baking. Sisterville .. here I come!

Amrita said...

Hi Trish, the breakfast bars sound delicious

Felisol said...

I'd also like the learn the recipe of the breakfast bars.
I bought some from Bixit the other day. 7 US dollars for ten small bars.
That is just too expensive for everyday use.

I like ordinary everyday life too.
Days filled with all these small details and doings; they are what make life worth fighting for.
Thinking about it; they are what makes me feel my life is so rich, my cup is flowing over.

Thanks for a good reminder.

Debra said...

I too love the autumn picture you posted. Hubby and I watch a lot of movies together. It's funny, because now he cries at sad shows and I don't where as when we were younger it was the opposite!


Amrita said...

Hi Trish,the Hungarian peppers sound so good. Are they hot?

Deb said...

Those raspberries sure sound good!

Wondering if I could dare to find any black raspberries left on the wild bushes down the road....probably not, I'm sure the birds have devoured them all by now.