Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...Oh, My

I have always loved, the process of getting my design plan ready for a redo. Seems lately, this no estrogen phase of my life is making me indecisive and confused. Do any of you gals understand? If so, can I get an Amen!?
To start off, I have been making lists on the redo in my living room and adjacent playroom. The carpet was ripped from the playroom and the first part of August the hardwood floors in both rooms will be refinished. One decision made...Hallelujah!
Now, what has gotten to me is the paint colors! I used to walk into the store and within a few minutes, the decision was made and I was out of there. Now finally, after at least 3 trips to Home Depot I came home with more than paint swatches! Of course, Tomer had to slightly aggravate me to get me motivated by asking "Are you ever going to buy paint, what are you waiting for?"
Ooh, I purposed in my heart as I hurried to the car, that I would not leave that place without paint! I not only bought paint but spotted some ceramic tiles that I fell in love with and they will be used on the fireplace. And I only spent an hour and a half going back and forth, until I said ready or not...this is it. Took my swatches to the paint guy, had the paint mixed and got myself out of that place!!!
Now, all I need to do is decide on curtains and wall decor...Lord help me please?
This ol' grammy's tired just thinking about traipsing from store to store...decisions, decisions...oh, and did I tell you that I once loved shopping?
Not so much anymore!



Felisol said...

You have a luxury problem, especially if you are the only one to decide what's to be done and how.
We spent last summer discussing the nine windows and a double door that had to be renewed.
Plans were made and rejected, we ended up totally confused.
This summer we've had them changed with windows similar to those we had..
We agreed that that would be the best.
I'm looking forward to a warmer winter, indoors. Double glaceing and a super tight terrace door. Not bad at all.
Good luck with your decoration.
I'd love to see the result when it's done!

Diane said...

AMEN!!!! I never thought I'd have these problems at this stage of my life. I had all my 'plumbing' removed years ago, so thought I through with all this 'female' stuff. Aparently not! I loathe the indecisiness and the bloomin hot flashes! I'm either freezing Daddy or tryin to melt him! He said just yesterday he thought he was through with all this mess too since Momma was in her grave! Poor guy!!! ;) Can't wait to see pics of the newly done rooms!

Diane said...
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donna said...


I don't care much for the shopping anymore...

hugs and love

Pat said...

I not only hate shopping, I hesitate to spend the money! All signs of my age for sure!!
I'm totally confident that what you have chosen will be awesome. Your home always looks beautiful!
Now...are you sure about that color? LOL!

Trish said...

Pat...No! I am not sure of the color but what it is! I will have to learn to love I have been saving for months for this redo, because we won't take money from savings. I can't tell you how many times I shop and end up emptying my cart of things, because I find they are not too?

Pat said...

Yep, I did that at Walmart today. Had some clothes in my cart and put them all back. It would have been a waste of money. It's kind of nice that the "wants" have decreased and the "content" has increased!

Just Breathe said...

Amen! I am right there with you.