Tuesday, June 1, 2010


How are things in your neck of the woods? Here, we are experiencing our warmest Spring ever! At least, that's what Jerry Hodak our local weatherman says. Just last week when coming out of the Mart, Tomer said " Man, this feels like July not May!" He was right...Jerry said so.
One good thing about it, is our flowers and vegetables are all in the ground. And with this heat and a fair amount of rain, things are filling in nicely. Things are green and lush!
We, are in the middle of redoing some landscaping out front. Everything, has to do well in shade...Any hints? My Tomer is a lover of trees. Has been since a boy, when his Uncle Willy, instilled the love of planting in him. So, that means our front yard is pure shade, this time of year. The huge Maple Trees have taken over and the shrubs and Weeping Cherry tree are looking plumb pitiful. Having no sun, has surely stunted their growth. But, as Tomer always says the trees insulate our home. And I have to agree, because on these hot days our A/C doesn't come on until way late in the morning.
Tomer, is a man of purpose...Always has a plan, a list or both. He, knows why he does everything! He, doesn't understand winging it, spur of the moment and never flies by the seat of his pants. Nope, it's 1...2...3...or...A...B...C. (sounds like a Jackson 5 song) At the moment he is...1. mowing, so that he can...2. fertilize, because it is...3. going to rain. Don't worry, he uses no chemicals in our yard. It's Cock-a-doodle-do! Yes, folks that is the name of it. We, have a storm drain close by and he is mindful that all run off, flows to the river.
Well, I'd best quit my rambling, finish my coffee and enjoy the back porch swing a bit. The rains headed our way will keep me inside tomorrow. Tomer's plans are right on schedule.


Pat said...

That's how Hal planned his mowing, fertilizing, rain thing last week!
Jerry is right, it was a hot May. When I went to Kohls to buy sandals, they said they sold out already because it's been so hot. Fortunately they had my size left!

Felisol said...

The global warming has so far avoided Norway. I do want some of it. Me too, me too.
Average temperature for May was 50 Fahrenheit degrees.
Today is a little lower. We have 18 hours of sun by now, but the golden globe doesn't send any heat.
At least, we don't have rain. Only wind.

I think you and Tomer should have all the good sun the Lord grants you.
I also share his passion for trees. I have planted a maple from my mother's garden in Sauda this year.
Gunnar claims the trees make lawn moving difficult, but he just has to cope with them, they are staying!

Diane said...

I wonder if your Tomer's propensity for planning is due to his military experience, or was he always like that? Daddy is very much like that; but then again, so was Terry and he had no military experience. Hummmmm, so much for that theory, huh?! That shade sure is nice in the dog days of summer! We have lots of shade in our front yard too. I wanted to cut some of the trees, but Terry would never allow it1

Just Breathe said...

It does sound like a MJ song :)
Nothing wrong with being organized!
Glad your garden is doing well. I wish I had one. It is nice having trees to shade the house when the heat comes. I think when we lived in Chicago we had Impatients and Hosta in the shade.

Margie said...

love your posts!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

We've had a cold, wet spring. Every few days we get some sunshine .. then more rain. Our flowers and veggie gardens are way behind production.