Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It is unusually quiet here this morning...I am alone. Just me, myself and I. No television, just my handy dandy notebook and a nice freshly ground cup of coffee...Mmmm.
The beginning of Summer vacation is but a few days away...Tomer and Kell will be on vacation and I will only have Em and Xavie, 3 days during the week. Tomer and I, have our list of to-do's ready and I am so excited to be getting some things done around here. First, on my list is painting the living room and play room...sigh. I still, haven't made a final decision on paint colors though because I have been curtain shopping and so far...nothing thrills me. Oh, well nothing life shattering.
Next...the BASEMENT! That place is going to be purged of a lot of junk. I have decorations for every season and holiday. What hasn't been used in a while is out of here! Then...after removing all of the cobwebs, I will scrub every nook and cranny! Oh, and the bathroom down there needs a total makeover! Cause the toilet started leaking and since it was rarely used, the tiles need to be replaced. Lots to do, lots of plans but we've got all Summer to enjoy the gardens and just hanging around the house. God is so good!
Then, in August our campsites are reserved in East Tawas, our favorite spot on Lake Huron. Our girls and families, Tomer and I are counting down the days. Sandy beaches, a gorgeous Lighthouse and lots of great shops to browse in.
Well, I'd best hush and make my dessert for our Church Leadership Picnic at Elizabeth Park tonight...have a wonderful day!


donna said...

sounds wonderful to me...summertime living

Just Breathe said...

Wow you are energetic, good for you. It sounds like the perfect summer. Enjoy your quiet time.

Pat said...

Your "planned up" till just about the time school resumes! Summer is so short! Lots to anticipate, it makes life sweet.
I love the picture on this post..beautiful!

Felisol said...

Sweet summer plans.
I love the idea of the grand family going on vacation together.
We used to do that when I was a child. Best summer memories ever.
Congratulation with new profile picture.
New hairdo and new glasses. You're looking swell.

Debra said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog tonigh by way of Pat's blog, Living on Grace. Looks like we have a few future projects in common...painting rooms and cleaning.


Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy your summer plans (well .. maybe not the cleaning ... but the camping and being with family. Love reading about your dad's home in the last post.

nancygrayce said...

After all that work, you'll need the vacation in August!!!

Diane said...

Long summer days, busy plans and topping it off with a vacation on the lake with your family! Live just dosen't get any better than that! Enjoy your summer!!!!!