Friday, June 4, 2010


"It is not your job to change people. Only to demonstrate what God is like."

I try, to always keep a notebook close by in case a thought or idea comes to mind. Nowadays, I have to jot down the things I hear that leave an impression or touch me deep within...because franky, this ol' gal's memory isn't what it used to be.
So, tonight as I leafed through my handy, dandy notebook. The above quote jumped out at me! And I thought, how many times have I questioned another's actions? As a Christian, I know, that I have been guilty of this...not in a malicious way. But maybe, a holier than thou way. You know, the thoughts that run through your mind when someone doesn't keep their word or live up to your expectations. Because they don't serve God the way you think they should. Oh, yeah...guilty!
Maybe they do things that I would never do...never. But, my convictions are just convictions. I know fully, that everyone, has to work out their own salvation. With fear and trembling, I might add, because God's Word says so. But, the reality of it is, when this life is done and we face God...We will not be asked to give account for others...We will stand alone.
So, the only job I have is to change myself...I am ready.


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
You hit bull's eye early in the morning.
First thing I went around thinking while preparing breakfast, was how a certain person was too pharisaic Christian for my liking.
You know, old devil is good coming with good arguments, when one is tired and not quite alert.
That sly snake is working all around the clock.
Then I sat down by the kitchen counter and first thing I found was your post on my lap top.
God is working around the clock too. I think that calls for a hallelujah!
When the sour intolerance has to leave, I feel free again.
Free to meet the day and let God fill it with his blessings.
Old church father Martin Luther said back in Worms, "Here I stand, so help me God."
And God is the same yesterday, today, yes, to eternity.
From a Happy Felisol

Sara said...

Hallelujah & amen! Love you!

Pat said...

Good post. I felt like I had a real AHAAA moment the day I realized I should stop praying for God to change others, but instead change me to be more tolerant and loving and He would take care of the rest.
Every day presents a new lesson learned!

Ordinary Girl said...

You so have an eloquent way of putting it..I love coming in to your world and reading..thanks for the encouragement!

Looking forward to more readings!

Diane said...

I must confess I am guilty as charged on this one! I am so thankful I have finally reached that place in my life where I realize the problem most ofte is in me and I'm the only one I can change anyway! Life is just so mucy more pleasant now! Loved this post Trish; and love you MORE!!!!!

Many hugs...............


Samantha said...

Love this dear Trish !
I do the same thing, I keep a notebook to jot down everything, or honestly I just forget.
Blessings to you my sweet TN friend !!!

Margie said...

wow! great post!!

I hate when people say "you're awesome" when I do something for them (how come I just can't be awesome for doing), I just want to hear "thanks, I appreciate that" I can't change them but I can change how I receive it.

Mrs. Mac said...

Good quote Trish. It's so true! A person's actions do speak louder than words .. and can have more sway on another person than preaching. Hugs,

Just Breathe said...

That is a wonderful quote. I know that we can't change people but it is so tempting to try.