Sunday, May 2, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture

Welcome to Erin...a wee bit of Ireland in Tennessee. What in the world?
The flooding in Tennessee, has been all over the news these past couple of days. But when you see photo's of the sign that welcomes you home, with a boat standing upright against the bridge...well, it is eerie. The creek was so flooded, that it carried this boat parked in someone's yard...right into town!

Parking lot of Family Health Care Center...Dr.'s Offices
My cousins, Jana and Amie were out and about taking photo's of the mess the rains have caused. I chose a few. Just to show, that with more rain expected they are in real need of your prayers. Sr. Prom was canceled Friday night, Houston County Schools are closed until who knows when. People who work in other towns, could hardly get home because of flooding, debris and roads gone, washed away!

Down on Main Street
My cousin Julie, says that she's about ready to build an Ark! Funny...not so much right now.

This shed ended up in the parking lot of Fred's Discount Store...which is near the bridge and creek the boat came down. I'd say they traveled the same path!
Thankfully, Mama and Bobby live on the Ridge and since it is the highest point in Northwestern Tennessee and there are no creeks nearby...they, do not experience any flooding, just the inconvenience, of not going to town for anything. But, they are not complaining, believe you me!
So, please pray for my family? I have lots of cousins, who are affected by or live, close to the flooding. They worry, if the rain continues, what damage will be done.
I covet your prayers. Thank you kindly!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
These were really dramatic news.
The flooding creek, one might fear what damages it will make.
I'll pray just now, that God in his mercy must stop the flood, and send saving angels to his children.

donna said...



Pat said...

It's so shocking! I'm so thankful your Mom is ok, and I pray the all the others dealing with this flooding.
I just saw a picture of the inside of the Grand Old Opry on the news...the inside is under water...horrible!

Margie said...

glad momma is ok, if they need anything, please let us know.


Janean said...

wow-zah! that's some flood. so how did everyone do?

Samantha said...

Praying for your friends and family in TN !!

Nishant said...

These were really dramatic news.
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