Monday, April 26, 2010

What Matters Most

Petting Farm in historical Heritage the city where I live.

Here I am, finally getting around to posting something! It might be mostly photo's but it shows the things, that this old Grammy finds most family. This is where I spent Thursday morning with Xavies pre-school class. They loved getting up close and personal with the animals...although as we approached the barn Xavie quips "I'm not going in there Grammy!" Good thing he was easily persuaded, although if he would've seen a bug he would've screamed like a girl. Woo, that's another story in itself though.

This is Xavier petting a couple of cute little piglets and the end of our tour.

Yes, Softball and Baseball Season has arrived. Saturday morning was opening day. Here we are at Maddy and Ian's Parade. That is Ian in the center holding the Banner. It was cool and rainy but we were there! Of course, I had my favorite, Tim Horton's Coffee and a proud heart to keep me warm.

Our Miss Em is the gal wearing glasses.

Next, on the morning's agenda was Emilee's parade. So, off we went to another part of town, since she plays in a different League. This is her first year and she is very excited about it. Being a girly, girl she was thrilled to hear that her team is the "Angels" saying, Ooh, that's pretty. Now, we head back for Ian's game...which they won! Woo Hoo!

Last but not least...Maddy's game! Couldn't miss her first time pitching and Yippee...they won too! Saturday, we spent a total of 9 hours at the ball fields. Came home tired but Oh, so happy. We, are making memories, leaving hand prints on their hearts and minds! Long after we are gone...I pray they remember a Grammy and Papa who loved them enough.


Felisol said...

Nine hours in the ball fields; you must love your grandchildren highly.
You say it so beautifully in your presentation,"I am rich. I am Loved."
Well so are your family.
I'm happy to learn to know this all American family.
This time Zavier and the piglet took the price.

Sara said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Just Breathe said...

I am sure that they will have wonderful memories of you. Wow, what a busy weekend you had.

Margie said...

love this! thanks for sharing your love with us!

Pat said...

Like that saying...Time Well Spent...but you guys get the "well spent" prize! Good for you, these memories are planted deep in the hearts of those children and grands who are so dear.
We only travel this path one time, no do-overs, and you are doing it do-overs needed!

Rick said...

Good clean family fun.

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Samantha said...

They will always remember their grammy and papa and all of the special moments and memories.
You are truly blessed and they are blessed to have such wonderful, loving grandparents !!

Nishant said...

what a busy weekend you had.
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