Monday, April 26, 2010

What Matters Most

Petting Farm in historical Heritage the city where I live.

Here I am, finally getting around to posting something! It might be mostly photo's but it shows the things, that this old Grammy finds most family. This is where I spent Thursday morning with Xavies pre-school class. They loved getting up close and personal with the animals...although as we approached the barn Xavie quips "I'm not going in there Grammy!" Good thing he was easily persuaded, although if he would've seen a bug he would've screamed like a girl. Woo, that's another story in itself though.

This is Xavier petting a couple of cute little piglets and the end of our tour.

Yes, Softball and Baseball Season has arrived. Saturday morning was opening day. Here we are at Maddy and Ian's Parade. That is Ian in the center holding the Banner. It was cool and rainy but we were there! Of course, I had my favorite, Tim Horton's Coffee and a proud heart to keep me warm.

Our Miss Em is the gal wearing glasses.

Next, on the morning's agenda was Emilee's parade. So, off we went to another part of town, since she plays in a different League. This is her first year and she is very excited about it. Being a girly, girl she was thrilled to hear that her team is the "Angels" saying, Ooh, that's pretty. Now, we head back for Ian's game...which they won! Woo Hoo!

Last but not least...Maddy's game! Couldn't miss her first time pitching and Yippee...they won too! Saturday, we spent a total of 9 hours at the ball fields. Came home tired but Oh, so happy. We, are making memories, leaving hand prints on their hearts and minds! Long after we are gone...I pray they remember a Grammy and Papa who loved them enough.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Worship Sunday


I saw this request at Shabbily Ever After and just had to Repost it...

Please help me

Dear sweet Blogettes,

Friends from around the world, kindred spirits, beautiful women i have never met, who dream and create and inspire me and who are a big part of my world, i need and beg for your help......

I have a beautiful,wonderful friend who is carrying the most beautiful precious child inside her,my friend was hurt and suffered badly when her last two pregnancies ended and i know a lot of you unfortunately will know her pain or know A woman who has........
I need and beg for your help.......
I would like as many of you as i can get to hold a special prayer for my friend and her unborn beautiful baby,i want to create a world wide safety net made of love to hold this little precious bundle in place until it is time for my friend to look up on the face of her beloved child.

I know my friend is worried and scared and it hurts me deeply to see her this way i need to comfort and help her.

Would you say a prayer for baby and be a part of the love net?

Would you post prayers and well wishes here for her?

would you copy and post this on your blog?

even just for a day?

Thank you so much for reading Blogettes

Love and kisses Auntie Kristina XxX

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Road Home

Here, we sit this Saturday morning on Interstate 65, in Southwestern Kentucky. It looks like a parking lot and we haven't moved an inch in over an hour!

People, are now gathering outside their cars. Nearby, children are playing hopscotch on the highway, to pass the time. According to a nearby trucker, there has been a car accident just around the bend. Ahead of us lies the unknown. Has someone lost a loved one? Is someone suffering? Rescue vehicles have just passed by...Oh, Lord I will not complain. I will pray.

As I look around, I see, Red Buds in bloom. Butterflies, flutter past, as we wait on this beautiful sunny day. My camera always with me, we take photo's of the scenes around us. People are good, kind and friendly. Strangers...but today we become neighbors, with much in common. Some of us, eager to be home. Yet, none complaining...we will get there, much later than expected. But, we will get there.

Blessed to be alive and whole, our families waiting. Thankful, that God placed us on this road...because I see Jesus here.

I wrote this as we waited and after about 2 hours, we were on our way. This Cherry tree in full bloom welcomed us home...along with hugs from the Grandbabies and Pizza from Kell.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

See Ya'll Later

Catch ya'll later. Tomer and I leave bright and early in the morning! Tomorrow I will be...HOME!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Redeemer Lives

Happy Easter...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Beauty Of A Garden

This beautiful Spring weather has us all planning and dreaming of Summer gardens. But, this morning, my mind goes back to another Garden. The Garden of Gethsemane. Where, my Saviour agonized and prayed to His Father that "if possible, this cup would pass from Him. And not His will but the Fathers would be done." (Matthew 26: 38-40)
Even those closest to Him, could not tarry one hour, but fell asleep. His betrayal complete. He, was led from that Garden to be mocked, beaten and Crucified. All of which he did willingly for ME. Oh, the beauty of that Garden...
As I watch our gardens come to life, my hands dirty from planting. I will, glory in the miracle of New Life that only He offers...I am washed clean, my hands no longer dirty! My Saviour makes all things new! Do you know Him?
May your Easter be blessed...Jesus is Alive.

Love to All