Saturday, February 20, 2010

She Gimme' Love....Crazy Love

13 years ago today I became a Grammy. What joy, I experienced as I watched Maddy come into this world and hold her in my arms for the first time! I had no earthly idea what crazy love this girl would bring to my life.

Maddy, was just a baby when she made her first trip Up North she is with Papa...she lights up his life!

She is an avid reader...loves books. (just like her Mama) Looks as if she's crying which is sooo Maddy. When she was in 1st grade the Principal, when describing her to another teacher said..."You know the little Drama Queen"...the teacher knew exactly who she meant..our Maddy!

Happiest in a crowd, Maddy is such a people person and a friend to all.

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Like the words of the Michael Buble' song...."She gives me love, love, love ,love...crazy love." Thank you Lord for the gift of Maddy and her love for you!
Happy Birthday Gram's Girl!

Love to All!


Pat said...

Happy Birthday to our curly haired Madison!
It must have been hard to choose the pictures for this post...every one taken of her is beautiful. She's an amazing gift from God who is greatly loved by all of us!!!

donna said...

awww she IS beautiful...Happy Birthday Maddy..

Felisol said...

Happy birthday to Maddie.
You looks to be a one in a million girl; a reader, a drama queen and a source of joy to every body.
What more can a girl ask for.
God bless you now and forever.
From Felisol

Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday Maddy!
She is beautiful and you are blessed.

Just Breathe said...

Your award post didn't go thru and another one from this morning.
They can't be found.

Sara said...


Together We Save said...

Oh hope she has a great birthday, she is such a cutie.

Samantha said...

Hope she had a wonderful birthday, she is so very precious !