Friday, February 26, 2010


When we have a snow day, Papa takes full advantage! He and Son-in-law David, bundled up the Grandbabies. (except for Maddy who would rather sleep in) Grabbed their gear and headed to the slopes...a local park that is their favorite place for Winter activities. I surprised them by showing up with camera in hand...what fun!

Here is our future Luge competitor...Xavier laying flat in his sled and flying down hill like a Pro!

Here, he is but a blur, as he picks up speed.

Next up Emilee our Slalom fear, as she sails away.

Last but not least, Ian our Snowboarder...extreme sports oh yeah, he is a daredevil. Which makes this ol' Grammy nervous!

I love Winter! The beauty of the snow, the quiet hush as it twirls through the air.
The world seems peaceful and serene. Oh, to look at it through the eyes of a child.
With joy and wonder...instead of wishing it away. Spring will come in due time...
until then I will marvel at the sight, as the sun glistens on the snow and the light dances across its peaks.

Love to all!


Just Breathe said...

You are so blessed. Looks like a perfect day. Have a wonderful weekend.

donna said...

ahhh the sheer joy of winter...
I had such fun the day vera and I went sledding... thanks for sharing your "mini" olympics with us...what fun!!

have a blessed weekend.

p.s. thank you so much for the recognition you gave By His Stipes...made my heart happy.

Felisol said...

You've got great grandkids.
So young and so skilled.
They are lucky too, having a granddad taking them out, instead of sitting in front of the TV.

These last wees I have spent some late hours watching the Olympics.
Tonight I'll have to stay up until 4 a.m. to see if Norway can beat Canada in curling..

I better have a long nap before.
From Felisol

Diane said...

Oh, what I would have given to be out there with them! I LOVE winter! I confess, we have had more winter than usual here and I've gotten a bit cranky. Seeing your grandkids having a such a great time reminded me what joy it is to enjoy winter! Thanks!

Much love.............


Samantha said...

Such beautiful pictures, lovely snow and precious grands !!

Constance said...

Looking for them in 2014 in Russia!

bj said...

O, I can just almost FEEL their happiness..they are all having such a great time.!
O, grannies are blessed creatures!!
hugs, bj

Life is good! said...

how fun for the grandkids! i too love the snow. glad you took photos! have a great week!

Margie said...

how fun!!!!!