Friday, February 19, 2010

Thank you...Thank You

I received this Beautiful Heart Award from Debby over at Just Breathe...thank you. I am touched that you thought of me Debby. Check out Debby's Blog she is an avid Blogger with a beautiful Heart!

1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
3. Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart. [Optional]
4. Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
5. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
6. Have fun!

Inner beauty
1. My inner self, is beautiful, only because the Lord Jesus Christ makes me so.
2. I try, always to be kind.
4. Spending time in God's Word and with Him.

Physical beauty
1. A good hairdresser...Phyllis.
2. Clairol #25G-6N.
3. Emilee's pedicures.
4. Avon eye cream and China Glaze nail products.

1. Having a Mama and Daddy who always put us first and taught us to love Jesus.

My 5 picks for the Beautiful Heart Award are...

1. Samantha at Sweet Southern Journey
2. Diane at Aunt Di's Experimental Life
3. Margie at There's A Lesson In Everything
4. Donna at By His Stripes
5. Louise at Coram Deo

Love to All!


Samantha said...

Thank you Trish for this beautiful award, I will get it posted soon.
You are so dear to my heart, your blog is always a blessing to me.
Thanks again !!!

Diane said...

Thank you, dear Trish, for this lovely award! I am so honored! I will post it soon, I promise! I love you, my sister. You are so dear and a precious, precious friend.

Many hugs.........


Just Breathe said...

It was my pleasure to give you the award. You did a great post. Love your answers. Take care & God bless.