Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday

Click on the above Note and join in the fun!
I miss Mister Rogers...sigh.


Felisol said...

You made this beautiful post it post.
That is a good beginning.

Mrs. Mac said...

How cool is this to use post it notes. My new computer has post it notes on the screen to use .. is this how you made this post? Mr. Rogers ... he's surely missed!

Trish said...

Mrs. Mac...I linked on to the small Post-It on the left and made my post.

Just Breathe said...

I did a double take when I saw your blog. It looks great.
Like your notes, I use to love Mr. Rogers.

Life is good! said...

yea mr. rogers. he will always be fondly remembered!

Terry said...

dear trish..we are so fortunate that they still play mr. rogers program every weekday.
he was a fine man.
i remember one time when we golden kids were watching him, that he said the true meaning of christmas was that jesus was born into this world so that he could die for us!
i have ralely seen the academy awards but one time when i was at somebodies house, they were on and mr. rogers was there. the audience gave him a long standing ovation and in many eyes of those movie stars, there were tears!
what a shame that the children nowadays didn't have the privilege of knowing him and the friendly giant and captain kangaroo, where we were taught good morals and loving your neighbour as yourself!
i really enjoyed this post trish!
love terry

Terry said...

dear trish...i found the video on you tube and i have emailed it to you!...so nice!..love terry