Friday, January 15, 2010

Gram's Adventures With Eman

This is my #1 Grandson Ian

It has been a long and busy week. Keeping up with 2 and 4 year old boys is at times trying and oh, so tiring. But, as always the rewards outweigh everything...especially when you are told that "you are the best Grammy in the world" by Xavier and Elek just climbs into your lap, snuggles in and quick as a wink is fast asleep. Love overcomes every trying and tiring moment of the day and when they leave here I am at peace because I have done exactly as the Lord would have me do...Love.
Tomorrow, I have plans with my oldest Grandboy Ian. I called my hairdresser and made a haircut appointment for my Eman as we call him. He has let his hair grow out and I am the one who usually cuts it. BUT the boy has sooo much hair that it needs to be razored and textured a bit. After wards we will go to lunch and then do some shopping. He is great company and even though he is quiet and shy with most. He is quite the talker with us and I am more than happy to listen to what is going on in his life...skateboarding, tech decks and of course the drama going on at school.
I want to make sure that he doesn't feel left out since the younger boys and both girls seem to spend more time here. Ian is most like his Papa, quiet, has his build and likes to be busy at all times! He is soft hearted and generous.
So, tomorrow morning, I will be dolling myself up and picking up my Eman. My hearts desire is, that when he is a grown man with babies of his own... he will always remember this Grammy's love!

Love to All!


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
Your Eman is a gorgeous boy, kind of my favorite type. I love his think, long hair. I guess you understand by the look of my Gunnar, that I find long, think hair irresistible.
I also fell in love with Eman's beautiful eyes, wise and soft at once.
I guess he's the ind of boy that treasures and remembers every good thing that's done to him.
My he have a trunk full of happy childhood experiences in his luggage for the day he must leave home.
From Felisol

Just Breathe said...

Of course he will remember and I pray you get to meet your great-grandchildren. My dad has great-grandchildren who are now 14, isn't that wonderful! Hope it's a perfect day.

Pat said...

He has such pretty hair! Don't forget to post an "after" picture.
He's such a sweetheart. I gave him a kiss the other day at the funeral and he didn't even wipe it least not in front of me!