Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post-It NoteTuesday

This is my first time joining the fun...found it over at my friend Debby's. Such a cute idea...click on above post-it and join in.


Just Breathe said...

Great job. See you next Tuesday.
Isn't it fun?

Felisol said...

The post it notes were sweet.
The last one, oh, so important.
Let's not forget to thank.

Pat said...

How cute!
I need one of those to remind me to call Phyllis! My hair is beyond bad, she probably wonders where in the world I've been!

Crown of Beauty said...

I love post its! And to do a "post" using post its is quite effective...direct to the point and clutter free.

No going around the bush to say something!

Keeps 'em short and sweet!

Thanks for this post. I might even join the fun one of these days.