Monday, December 7, 2009

Merrily, Merrily

Help! I am slightly aggravated and want these lights to work, for crying out loud! Why can't they make Christmas lights like they used to??? While trying to decorate this tree, I have had several strands of lights, that work when you test hop them. And then, while wrapping them around the tree...half the strand blows!!! Lord help me not to blow...or dance a jiggety, jig, jig of frustration???
Oh, I yearn for the day that things lasted. Though the lights from my childhood could fry fingers after they were on awhile...Tomers, Mom's still worked and they were nigh on 50 years old!!!
Now, I will be making a run, to one of our overcrowded stores for another strand of lights but if I am smart (which I never claim to be)I will buy 2! That way I have a lovely back up strand. And maybe, just maybe, they will last until next year...sigh.
One day, this tree just might be finished!!! But, for now I must be merrily on my way!!!
Ecclesiastes 7:8
The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

Don't get me started on light. They can be the worst part of the Holiday!!

donna said...

I'm with two...
Happy decorating!!

Pat said...

It's a good thing your a woman of great patience!
I went through that last year and almost drove myself batty trying to get it all lit!
Oh, but once it's lit and decorated, what a wonderful thing to just sit with that fresh cup of coffee and enjoy!
I know it will look BEAUTIFUL when your finished!

Life is good! said...

i don't think everything was made in china when i was young. we pay the price for cheap stuff one way or another! it's a bit crazy!

Constance said...

I concur about "The Blind Side"! 10 minutes into it I whispered over to Dave,
"This is breaking my heart!"
It's one of the best movies we have seen this year! Can't say enough good thigns about it!

I too despise Christmas lights! They are a necessary evil in my book! This year as I was hanging a brand new strand of 200 that worked when I took them out of the box, the last 50 stopped for some reason AFTER they were strung! I went out and bought a very short strand and was able to finish it off! I too remember the fire hazards we used to string on our tree when I was a child! A lizard could have sunned himself in their glow! I still marvel that we didn't burn the house down!

Margie said...

i threw out 2 strands this year! next year I will probably have to buy lights

Louise said...

You have more patience than I.

Mrs. Mac said...

is everything ok now ;) Hope you're not hanging from the tree Like your new blog look.

Mrs. Mac said...

not that your new blog look is hanging from the tree ... I left out a period ;)

Mrs. Mac said...
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