Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Day In The Life

1. Here I am, just me and my coffee...Yes, Tomer is once again in the woods of Bronson. Today is the last day of Bow Season and tomorrow is Opening day of Gun Season.

2. I am kind of tired this morning, thanks to the Alarm clock blasting me awake in the middle of the night...wonder which one of the Grandboys did that!

3. Have a Hair Appointment at Noon...would like a new Do, but I am not feeling adventurous so I will just get a trim.

4. Errands to run and shopping to do. Since I felt bad all week, I didn't leave this house until last night and that was because I was down to my last roll of toilet paper!

5. Need to stop at the Beauty Supply since I am running low on Nail Polish and a few other necessities. Where I, as always...spend more than planned.

6. Wow! It is really quiet here this morning!

7. Went on and ordered myself the New Gaither Vocal Band CD and since Tomer has been wanting Revelation by Third Day I ordered that too. It will be a Merry Christmas surprise!

8. Well, a Lawn Mower has just broken the silence of the morning. One of the neighbors must be chomping leaves.

9. Will laundrocize later on after my errands are done...what fun!

10, Our Divine Miss Em is spending the night so Supper will be take out Pizza and I know we will make a run to Family Video for a movie or two. We will sit by the fire, eating Pizza and watching movies...Life is just plain wonderful!

Love to all!


Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a busy day. Your evening sounds perfect. Pizza, movie and a fire, wonderful indeed!

Keetha Broyles said...

Ahhh, Elmer Fudd - - - that takes me back to when cartoons WERE cartoons. Miss those.

Felisol said...

I like the comment "would like a new hairdo, but I don't feel adventurous."
Daughter Serina had a hair-mishap last week. "Oh, mother I look like a poodle", She said on the phone. She went down to the saloon next day and got some damage control.

Otherwise it seems like you have having one of these blessed days, when life lies like a pearl row in front of you. The days we miss the most when the winds get rough. It's not the splendid vacations, it's the quiet, safe, somewhat foreseeable everyday, sailing in smooth water.
Have a likewise good Sunday.
From Felisol

Pat said...

I'm here alone too...and I just woke from the most wonderful nap! I'm going to enjoy the next few days with no schedule or dinners to make!
Ahhh, I love hunting season!