Saturday, November 28, 2009

Coffee And Quiet Time

Last night, I enjoyed an evening by the fire, writing out Christmas cards and watching a sappy old Hallmark movie...lovely.
I am alone on this gorgeous, sunny morning, enjoying my coffee and some quiet time. It is cold! Our thermometer on the back porch reads but 28'. Gone, are the last of summers blooms. We have had such unseasonably warm weather, that our Honeysuckle Vines were still in bloom! But, last nights cold temperatures now have them ready to be pruned away. And soon a new season will begin. Call me crazy but I am ready for some snow.
Tomer, Ian and Miss Em are in the woods of Bronson. Probably, still sitting in the Tree Condo, praying that a Deer pass their way. They, will return this afternoon after eating at their favorite cozy, little restaurant in the small town of Colon, Michigan.
I have started the laundry and will finish up some chores around here, while listening to Third Day and the Gaither Vocal Band! Pray you have a blessed, peaceful weekend...enjoy your leftovers!

Love to All!


Keetha Broyles said...

I love your fireplace and mantle!

Just Breathe said...

Thank you. Love the picture. My tree is up but no decorations on it yet. Maybe I will start on Monday. Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. I will be doing laundry today too!

donna said...

nothing like quiet time...and sipping coffee...
blessed weekend to you too

Felisol said...

Dear trish,
Your fireplace looks so cosy and inviting. I'd like to sit down for awhile and sip some coffee before riding with Rudolf and the other deers back to Norway. Tomorrow is first Sunday in advent here, on of four advent candles must be lit.
If I can manage, I'll put up the crib too.
From Felisol

nancygrayce said...

I am so ready for some quiet time!!! Your mantle is beautiful!