Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The weather here is changing quickly...the wind howls as I listen to things go bump in the night. Benches were tipped over, planters laying on their sides and of course, with these winds come the usual power outages. Thankfully, not us, but just down the road there are 2 schools closed because of it.
Last night, I ventured out for my usual Tuesday night coffee at my favorite Tim Horton's...Brrr. Being with friends and other Tuesday night regulars, is always a boost to my week. There's nothing better than a Gabfest, with your pal, to take the weight of the world from your shoulders. True friends share, not just your victories...but help carry you, when you are low and your burdens heavy.
I heard a Pastor say years ago..."that you need one person, other than your spouse, whom you can trust with anything...and not feel judged, no matter what you confide in them." I have found that true...we cannot go it alone.
Yes, God is there always and He carries us through all things. But, it's good to have someone to cry with, laugh with and hug at the end of the day. Because as you find your way home on a dreary Tuesday night. You are not dreary...your heart is warm and you feel loved, you are important to someone. Blessings Dear Blog Friends...thank you for listening...You are important to matter.

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

Thank you, you are not alone, glad to have you in my life. So happy that you have a Tuesday evening adventure, sounds wonderful.

Pat said...

You are right, we always need that special someone to share joy and sorrow with. What a blessing you are to me!
Love you!!

Felisol said...

Your Tuesday night coffees seem a lot like my Tuesday hikes.
We are four women walking, talking, sharing, eating, drinking our thermos coffee and talking even more.
Weddings anniversaries, travels, births, deaths, children, parents, divorce, law suits, doctors and dentists; I think we've shared the most.
Even so, I think there are private corners in each and everyone, and so it should be.
There are things about my family that should belong in the family, there are things in my life I also want to keep for myself.
But knowing I can always, anytime pick up the phone and there will be someone there for me; that's one of God's greatest blessings.
My blog friends are equal important because they give so much inspiration, knowledge and also concern and prayers.
Wow, aren't we blessed?
From Felisol

Samantha said...

You are a blessing to me dear Trish.
~ Hugs and love to you !

Mrs. Mac said...

I have been by your place numerous times the past week .. but my pc took FOREVER to open up your comment section .. my rule is if it takes longer than 20 seconds, I'll have to come back (I just made that rule up;)

I shall live vicariously through your jaunts and visits about town .. most days I'm at home figuring out a way to get to town. I'm glad God gave me contentment to be at home. But, next week, I shall once again, on that rare occasion, be set free from my bird cage to explore a new area of North America.