Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Another photo taken by Maddy...Colon Michigan...Hunting Country

Well, here it is Saturday. Where did the time go? I can't believe that I haven't blogged since Monday!
Let's see where do I begin...cause you know I lead such an exciting life. My days have been spent as always, with Elek and Xavier. Elek keeps himself busy playing with cars and dancing around, watching Playhouse Disney. Xavier goes to Preschool 4 mornings a week. So, he gets picked up by Papa at 11:30 a.m. and I must say it's mellowed him. He comes home a happy, but tired little boy. Although, on Monday he was clawed in the face by another boy and when his Aunt Kelly aked about it, his reply was "A boy attacked me." And just 2 days later, the same boy, bit him on finger! Needless to say, the boy was sent home both days and is being observed in class.
As for my news...the drain downstairs plugged up and my washing machine, upon draining, flooded the laundry room...Ugh. Tomer, has since resolved the problem and I will, after the scrubbing of the bathroom...laundrocize all afternoon.
I have the weekend to myself...Tomer and Maddy are once again in the woods of Bronson, Bow Hunting. Maddy says, she's going to bring them to their knees, crying.
Why? Because she is going to get the biggest, 20 point Buck they have ever seen!
That girl cracks me up...she has no confidence whatsoever. Not!
Mandy and family are on their way to Cedar Point for the's their annual birthday celebration for our Emilee. Good grief...I can't believe that she will be 8 years old next week! Mandy just sent me a Happy Sweetest Day text. I didn't even remember that it was Sweetest Day! Do you celebrate Sweetest Day??? Uhm, we don't.
Mmmm...My coffee tastes extra good this morning. I have had a wonderful week...hey, you think are happy. I must admit, there are days that I have to dig my way out of depression...but dig I must! I am blessed... God is good! I have more than I need and certainly more than I deserve! Pray you have a blessed, peaceful weekend. Jesus loves you!
If I am going to accomplish anything today...I need to get myself off this computer!
Bye for now!

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

You have a wonderful day!
God is good.

Samantha said...

I hope she gets the biggest buck !!
I know she will have fun even if she doesnt, but wouldnt that be great !
I often have to dig with you, but the Lord always brings me back to my blessings.
Have a wonderful weekend, dont do too much work cleaning, relax !
~ Blessings to you sweet Trish.

Louise said...

You've had a busy and productive week my friend. We are indeed blessed and God is always good!

Margie said...

I missed you during the week!!

Felisol said...

Hello, Trish,
Thanks for the wonderful praising from psalm 139.

I agree with you; looking back, we are being more blessed than we can ever understand.
It is indeed wise to sum up your week like you have done.
Maybe I should try that for next week?
I find everyday blogging too busy, but a once a week retrospect, That's a good idea.
One should never forget to count all this small blessings; they usually adds up to one giant.

I pray the Lord bless all the sisters and their families in the week to come.
I place each and everyone in front of his alter, praying for guidance, love and togetherness.
From Felisol