Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn Weekend

Another photo taken by Madison in the woods of Bronson

1. Home alone...Tomer's in the woods of Bronson. Yep, Bow Hunting again.

2. To clean or not to clean? Do I spend my day scrubbing or doing whatever I like? Hmmm...

3. Do some shopping...maybe.

4. Do some laundry...nope!

5. Pick up prescription...a must.

6. Return movie and browse for another one...cause I can watch whatever I like.

7. Make a run thru Tim Horton's, for my favorite coffee and pumpkin muffin...for sure and for certain!

8. What's for Supper...who cares! I'll eat a sandwich. No fuss.

9. Watch movie...while drinking coffee, eating pumpkin muffin and doing of nails.

10.Study Sunday School lesson...Church tomorrow!

Have a blessed, peaceful weekend...I am.

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

You have a great weekend too. Sure study for the Sunday School Lesson.
Then curl up and watch that movie!

Felisol said...

Hi, Trish,
Hope you are enjoying the "freedom", which is no freedom at all, just a day to do whatever one wants.
Thursday/Friday I had a similar free-day. Gunnar visiting Serina and returning an old car.
I've never been busier. Visiting one of my oldest friends Thursday till 2 in the morning. Yesterday; another old and dear friend drove my to my mother where my friend made salmon dinner for the three of us.
Today I'm waiting Gunar back, changing bedsheets,washing and drying clothes, baking bread and cooking fish&shrimp soup.
Now the whole house is filled with happy homecoming smells.

A good thing we viking barbarians neither do manicure, pedicure, shaving or facials.
I'd never finish in two days..
My cosmetic purse is locked in the Rover, hasn't been used since Gunnar left.

I have read the paper, even a book and had several mugs of green tea.

Oh, isn't it wonderful; the life we have is just as free and filled as we like to.
Hope Tomer brings home a good steak for Christmas, maybe.

Wishing you the very best.
From Felisol
PS I do dye my hair every sixth week. Some vanity I intend to keep.

Mrs. Mac said...

Enjoy the day home alone. Day dream, sleep late, eat pumpkin muffins, etc. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Hope the Mr. gets you some good eats.


Samantha said...

Sounds like a relaxing fun weekend.
Enjoy your movie and coffee !!

Life is good! said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me! hope you enjoyed it. yeah autumn!

Margie said...

sounds like you had a great day!