Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Xavier And God

Last night, Xavier insisted on spending the night. We (his Daddy, Papa and I) had told him no because he never stays. When the boy starts getting tired it's "I want to go home, I want my Mama." And if you know Xavier, he doesn't give up nor can you change the boys mind! Stubborn...describes Xavier.
So, as he sat in the garage insisting that he would stay...I gave in. But firmly let him know, that there would be NO calling his Daddy to pick him up...he was stuck here with his ol' grammy!
As Papa prepared to go to bed I asked the boy if he was sleepy...No he was watching his show. So, I sat at the computer as he got numb and finally slouched over. Just kind of ignoring the fact that he was going out. I figured I'd carry him to bed when I was ready for slumber.
Next thing ya know...he is up and going into the bedroom...he finally decided to give up and go to where it's comfy. So, we snuggled into bed and I started my usual singing. He asked me for a story instead...I ask "about what?" He responds..."about God." He gives me the title and I make up the story.
Off I go, telling him about the character of God. Well, Xavier takes over.
But let me tell you, it was no story...this 3 year old touched my heart with his observation. This is what he told this grammy, so seriously.
"There's not Gods (holding up both hands)...there's only 1 God...1 God. (holding up 1 finger) And He lives in heaven and looks down the clouds. And I can see His eyes and He fixes me when I'm broke!" My heart took a leap...Joy! That 3 year old boy has more understanding of God then some grown ups!!!The boy gets it...he knows God! Things get quiet, there is peace in that room...I start my singing. He turns on his side...Gods eyes watching as Xavie goes off to too.
Matthew 18:3
And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

I love your story. My mother-in-law was just here visiting and her grandchildren in Texas are very young. One spends the night while the other wants to but then wants to go home later that night. I need to share her story with you.
How wonderful it is to hear about his understanding of God.

Pat said...

Oh how precious. It makes me misty to hear such a sweet story, to know that his life is already given over to God. No wonder he sleeps so soundly!

Samantha said...

Such a precious story, and he is just adorable !
I know you are so proud of this dear little one.
I love the verse, it is one of my favorites.

Mrs. Mac said...

What a face in that picture .. and what profound understanding. Heaven rejoices along with his grammy (and me).

byhisgracealone said...

aww I love this little guys face....and his sweet understanding of God...


Louise said...

What a blessing!