Friday, September 4, 2009

Me And Jesus

Here I am, with a day all to myself. It doesn't happen often. But it sure makes me appreciate the quiet. Not having to say a single word...don't get me wrong I am a talker. How could I not be coming from a family of 8 children??? And as a Grammy, I find myself answering questions or fussing about something all day long...sigh.
But today...I can do whatever I like!
I happily breezed through my chores with my favorite Michael English CD's playing in the background. I can listen to all 7 of them if I so choose.
Instead, I think I'll brew myself a fresh pot of coffee and head out to the back porch with my Bible and meditate...listen to God whisper in the stillness of what's left of morning. My heart thankful for a quiet day...maybe I'll launder the bathroom curtains and maybe I'll make a batch of zucchini bread...I could even get groceries. Or I can do nothing at all!
But first, I'm going to listen to Michael sing "At the Midnight Cry & Up Above My Head" one more time, cause no one's here to ask..."are you listening to that again?"
Hope you have a blessed, peaceful Friday...mine already if you'll excuse me...I'm going to go spend time alone with the Lord. Yep, just me and Jesus will be talking on the back porch.

Love to All!


Samantha said...

Sounds lovely, dear Trish.
Enjoy your time with Jesus !

Just Breathe said...

So many people keep changing their blogs. Yours looks great. You have a blessed Friday too and a wonderful Labor Day.

Mrs. Mac said...

Is that picture you in the garden filling your apron with zucchini?
Love the picture.