Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cooking Out

We had a nice day at our daughter Mandy's...lots of food and of course we ate too much.

Son-in-law David...our grillmaster. No gas grill found here.

Papa and Lou on the deck...waiting for food to be ready.

Meet Sebastian...he is the sweetest fellow.

Mandy loves flowers...I wonder why?
Pray that your day was blessed...nothing like the love of family...good food, good fellowship.
The Lord is even better!

Love to All!


Pat said...

Nothing finer then sharing love and food with our family! Dean uses a charcoal grill too! Looks like lots of food and a great day, we are so blessed!

byhisgracealone said...

We have a charcoal grill also...and I hate to admit, we hardly used it this summer...the flowers are so pretty...

hugs to you

Samantha said...

How true, family, love, fellowship
and our Lord, so wonderful !!
~ Hugs and blessings to you sweet Trish !