Monday, September 28, 2009

Winds Of Change

Fall Colors Of Munising, Michigan

Autumn has finally arrived in Michigan. It is a cool, blustery morning. A large potted plant has been blown off the bench where it has perched all Summer. And we have a small limb or two from the Maple tree on the ground waiting for Tomer's attention when he arrives home this evening.
Yes, the time for flip flops, tank tops and shorts is no more. It's now time to pull on a sweater, jeans and for putting socks on your tootsies...I can't stand cold toes...Brrr.
But, I love it here! Where I snuggle in with a hot cup of coffee and watch as the wind blows the the leaves from the trees.
Soon, we will find ourselves bundling up...waiting for the car to warm up. Oh, and shoveling snow! Things that we in Michigan sometimes murmur and complain about. But, I love to feel the warmth of my home envelop me upon my return...where the fireplace will once again glow and I will cuddle beneath a quilt made just for me. And watch, as new fallen snow brings quiet peace to the Earth. So....
Blow winds blow.

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

The picture is perfect. Love the colors. I don't miss the cold. I lived in Chicago for over 30 years.
Now I wear capris and sandles all year unless it's raining out. I actually happy that I didn't have to teach my kids to drive in the snow, although I did love the challenge of driving in it.
Have a great week.

Pat said...

WOW, it's windy!! The wind has blown over two of my planters! Although I don't look forward to alot of snow, I do love the change of seasons.
Time to restock the pantry!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Amen to the 'change' in seasons .. cuz now 'the' change in life with all of the hot flashes will be more tolerable :)

Constance said...

I love Fall or at least the memory of Fall. I have said before that down here in Texas we don't get the beautiful colors of Fall. Mostly it's just brown and if it's a been a dry summer, the grass has already been that for a long time! Still. I don't let that deter me! It isn't as cool as I would like but in my mind, I am enjoying the chill in the air even if it's still getting up into the 80's!

I am wondering if it will be cool enough for a fire in October? Hard to say at this point!


Life is good! said...

wow i must say you win the beautiful autumn award! that picture is breathtaking. happy fall!

Samantha said...

Beautiful photo, I love the changing colors of fall and the cool weather !

~ Hugs and blessings to you dear Trish.

Just Breathe said...

Thanks for stopping over. I can never reply to your comments and I want you to know that I love following you and appreciate all of your comments. Yes, the doll feel real when you hold it. Have a great day.