Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing Much

Hibiscus the size of dinner plates...

Passion plant...I anxiously await these blooms...sweet memory of my late brother-in-law Mike.

When I was taking the photo of this Bee, Xavie came along and asked " Grammy what are you doing?" I answered " Gram's taking pictures of all these Bees" and he quips "Did they say cheese?" That boy cracks me up!

It is a cool, damp morning. And I am, of course sitting on our back porch enjoying my first cup of coffee. Summer is winding down and the landscapes are changing. Some of our perennials are finished for the season while others are
here until the frost gets them as the cold weather arrives. There are lots of black eyed susans, hibiscus and passion plants...their pretty faces lifted towards the sky. Which this morning is gray with no sign of the sun peeking out...yet.
So, I am enjoying some peaceful, alone time. Which won't last long, since I expect Em and Xavie to come busting through the gate at any time. Then, I assure you, all signs of tranquility will be long gone.
This ol' Grammy hasn't had much to say lately. My mind is occupied and every time I sit down to write, I end up thinking to myself...don't feel like blogging at the moment and off goes the computer. So, if you don't find me here for awhile...don't dismay. LOL... But rest assured I will be checking on all of you. I pray God's blessings in your lives. Much Love!


Samantha said...

Hi Trish,
Love the flowers, they are beautiful ! I know the feeling, I go through spells where I really dont have much to say and with homeschooling starting back next week for my son, I have been quite busy. Glad you had a nice trip back home.
~ Blessings to you sweet friend !

Pat said...

Beautiful pictures, you're quite the photographer!
I know what you mean about blogging, it think sometimes that I'm all finished, and have nothing more to say! It shouldn't be a burden, but a joy, and for that reason I don't push it if I don't have it! I think the summer days are better spent away from the computer, but I do love to visit my blog family!

KayMac said...

Love the pics...and how you always dress up your blog!

Felisol said...

Of course the flowers are saying cheese, all the time.
Don't you see just how beautiful they are smiling?
I have a passionflower in my living room. I got it from Gunnar's aunt Lily just before she went to hospital and from there to a nursing home.
I try to take good care of it, but alas, it doesn't say cheese.
I'm impressed to learn that the passionflower can be an outdoor plant.
Enjoy your porch life while summer is still here.
From Felisol

byhisgracealone said...

ohhhh I have been the same way....about blogging...most of the time I think I have lots to say but convince myself no one is interested...:) so talk myself right out of it...plus i can't seem to catch up on anything...I see the cardiologist on wednesday...I am absolutely dreading that appt....with all my family history, but maybe I will escape the doom...and only have diabetes to worry about...

have missed you!
love and hugs

Just Breathe said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures.