Friday, August 14, 2009

Bike Rides and Soft Ball

Papa getting ready to take our 4 oldest Grandbabies to the Metro Parks for a little bike riding and lunch. While they were gone this ol' Grammy used my time wisely and got some cleaning and laundry done...I just love cleaning when I am all by my lonesome. Nothing more relaxing to me.

Bye Bye everyone...enjoy the lunch I packed and come home really They rode 10 miles on those trails and it was hot!

Have fun...the crying started before they even left the drive-way cause Em whacked Xavie upside the head...she said there was a bug on his forehead!!! Hmmm...

Fall Ball has begun...does anyone know why they call it Fall Ball? It starts in August and ends before fall has arrived!! Any hoo...this is our Maddy on 3rd base. Oh, and they won!!!

The boys Ian and Elek sharing Pizza...I think that the Concession Stand is the highlight of the games for these two. Isn't it an amazing thing to watch our Grandbabies grow up? What Blessings they are!

Love to All!


Pat said...

God bless Tom! He's amazing!!
I love that picture of Xavie and the reason his sister gave for whacking him!! Priceless!
Fall Ball? It should be Late Summer Ball, and the concession stand would be my favorite location too!

Mrs. Mac said...

I (lol) loved the pic of Xavie (poor baby)! (sorry for laughing;) Fall ball is probably easier for the kids to say than end of summer ball (I gave you 2 cents worth of my brain;)

the pic of Ian and Elek ... can just imagine how hot and sticky they were with their damp hair and little red faces. What a good grandpa they have (for giving grandma a break too;)

Enjoy your weekend.


Constance said...

Softball runs deep in our family! I started going to Dave's games when we were dating and I am STILL going!!I have sat through games and tournaments when I was 9 months pregnant, sweating my self silly, freezing during true "Fall Ball" in Nebraska and wrangling toddlers and older kids! I even performed the Heimlich the very first time in my life when our daughter Jessica was choking on a marshmallow at one of his games!

Recently, he told our daughter Laura how much my attendance has meant to him over all of these years. What a smart man! Was that his way of telling me he's signed up for another season?