Saturday, July 11, 2009

After The Storm

View from (clean) living room window.

We woke up to a dark morning, storms were on the way. I am not complaining...we needed
the rain! But we had our minds set on cleaning all windows, screens and such. Inside and out...right after having a quiet, breakfast and cup of coffee together.
So instead, I stripped our bed and gave the bathroom a good scrubbing. And guess what? By then the sun was just a shining!!! So, I now sit, happily in a house filled with sparkling windows and the smell of vinegar. Yes, I made my very own window cleaning solution. It worked great!
My Tomer, just quietly asked me if "I knew that he didn't like cleaning windows?" To which, I replied "I can't honestly say that I enjoy it." But, it sure feels good to get the job done!!! And after 40 years man, loves me enough to do windows and never complain!!! I am blessed!

Love to All!


Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect day. You are blessed, mine won't do windows. I have trouble because of my asthma so I try to do a few each week. I love clean clear windows!

Constance said...

Good man! Now does he do toilets? THAT is my idea of the perfect man! Ha Ha!

Mrs. Mac said...

what a perfect summer day. a porch swing sounds perfect. add some bubbles ... and it's sheer bliss