Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's Going On

1. Emilee spent the night...that means that early girl was up at 5a.m...loud moan.

2. Em and I made our favorite homemade waffles, with just a touch of cinnamon.

3. Em, is now floating in the tub and I will shower next. Tomer, the early guy is already showered and ready for the day...Ugh!

4. Have to be at the ball field by Noon...Ian has a game...Go Eman!

5. Make a Pit Stop on the way to the the game at those golden arches for is my Tomer's favorite. It's growing on me...hey, this ol' grammy never turns down coffee!

6. Then it's home to favorite chore!

7. But first, I'd best hit the Family Dollar store for detergent or I will probably run out, before I'm done.

8. Of course, there's always the question...What's for Supper? Honestly, I have no clue...Hmmm.

9. Have a Baby Shower to go to tomorrow...Fun!

10. We (Tomer & I) are beginning a Dave Ramsey class "Financial Peace" It starts tomorrow night at the church...before church at 5:30. (Makes for a long day.) We are not in debt, house is paid for...but Tomer feels we might learn something. Guess we're never too old for that!

Have a blessed weekend!

Love to All!


Diane said...

Wow! Busy weekend you have planned there! I remember that kind of wonderful busy-nesss. Enjoy your weekend. All of the mundane sounds so exciting to me now. ~sigh~ You don't miss what you have until it's gone; no truer words have ever been spoken!

Many hugs..........


Margie said...

busy day! Fun!!

Here is that recipe

Constance said...

Dave Ramsey has revolutionized my daughter Jessica and son in law Steven. They went to one of his seminars a month ago and in a month's time, the changes have been dramatic! Our newleywed Daughter Laura and husband Les were advised by our Pastor when they did their pre-marital counseling to read his book and follow the principles. They have started and decided to skip going on vacation with us this summer so they can pay off his car and their credit card! As Jess started sharing stuff with me yesterday, I had to laugh, Dave and I have been doing those exact things our while married life! They're just good common sense!