Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wecome ...Part Two

Welcome...I promise this will be the end of my tour. Bear with me blog friends...I am just learning to upload, download and transfer images from the digital camera that our girls bought us for Christmas. So, this is my bathroom. Which I thought would be the last photo...but remember I'm just learning!

This is our guest room. The furniture belonged to my Sweet Mom-in-law and is almost 50 years old! There was never any question of what the color scheme would be, since everything in her home was red, white and blue!

This is the place where I lay my head at night...Tomer too. I looked high and low for this bed years ago. I knew what I wanted and would settle for nothing else!

This was once our third bedroom. Tomer decided to knock out the wall and make the Grandbabies their own space..it is the only room with carpet on the floor. Once they are grown it will be ripped out of there! It is also Tomer's trophy room...notice the Deer Head and Turkey Tail feathers decorating the walls?

This is my kitchen... remember the redo was in progess at the beginning of the year? Thank you, this completes our tour. Please come back again! I love company!!!

Love to All!


Pat said...

As beautiful as it looks, it doesn't come close to how pretty it really is in person! Love the shades on the kitchen chandelier! Next you'll have to share pictures of your yard when it's in full bloom and we have our Southen Food fest...what was that called again?

Trish said...

Pat...Oh, yeah I forgot...was it Hillbilly Heaven? When the yard is in bloom we will do just that...and if I forget...REMIND ME!!!
Manda bought me the shades for my birthday. They are from Ikea...we need to make a trip out there too!!!
Love you lots!

Margie said...

i loved the tour! It is BEAUTIFUL

Louise said...

I too loved the tour! Beautiful home .. and it shelters precious friends. We should all do a 'home tour'!

Samantha said...

Lovely tour, lovely home.
I love your bed, just beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your home, blessings to you sweet friend !

Sara said...

as always, the house is fabulous. and it always smells good, you need smell-o-blog! and most importantly you have made this not only your home but you guys make us all feel like it's our home too. in all of those thirty one years i have felt welcome every time i stepped through the door. love you guys!

Constance said...

The next time I come for a visit, I'll bring some Apricot Iced Tea and some delicious cakes! I love the bed! I know what you mean about searching for the perfect bed. We know what we want, a peeled log bed, it's just coming up with the bucks for the bedroom set! I have the bedding on order. Maybe once we have the bedding, it'll make us want to take the plunge!

Trish said...

Connie...there's a place Up North near Pat's cottage, where a husband and wife make lots of different peeled log furniture. They have a place in front of their home where they sell it...I admire it everytime we drive past!!!