Monday, May 25, 2009

Remembering And Grateful

Since Tomer is a Viet Nam Vet, I thought that I would start here. Sadly, these Soldiers came home scorned and criticized. I saw first hand the changes that war brings to a persons soul...36 years later...he remembers.

The first time we visited the Wall, it was as if we were standing on Holy Ground. The sights, the sounds. People just standing, staring at a name or seeing the boots and medals of a fallen Soldier, left in his memory. My Tomer, just walked with tears streaming down his face...choking back the sobs that he tried so to control. We, have been here again and the experience was no less moving...55,000 names on a Wall...we remember and are so grateful.

The World War II Monument...In memory of my Daddy who went to war a young boy of 17 and came home a man...forever changed by the horrors seen. But until the day he died...PROUD of what was accomplished...Freedom.

The marker provided by our government to all of the veterans...this lies at the foot of Daddy's he requested.

My soldier, Tomer putting a new flag on Daddy's grave...Since I can't be in Tennessee to visit your grave Daddy...I will honor you here. I love you and am proud to call you Daddy...I miss you and am so grateful. And Thank you Lord...for we are one Nation under God, indivisible...with liberty and justice for all...I pray that you have mercy on us and heal our land.

Love to All!


Samantha said...

Such a beautiful touching post, Trish.
Thank you to your Tomer and your daddy, I am thankful for them and others that have given their lives and those continuing to protect us.
So proud to be an American !
God bless you sweet friend, thanks for sharing this.

Terry said...

dear trish,
god has already blessed your daddy and he will continue to bless your tomer and all the young fellows and girls who gave so freely of themselves to fight in viet nam and all of the veterans of the other wars that were fought for the freedom of the people!
god bless you trish for such a fine terry

Keetha said...

I found you through Diane's blog. I posted the same Viet Nam memorial picture of the soldiers on my blog a little bit ago - - - only I took mine at night.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the first time you visited the Viet Nam Memorial. I felt the very same thing. I was there with a group of 8th graders and they were sobered and moved by the names on the wall.

Diane said...

Oh dear Trish, what a precious and touching tribute to your wonderful Tomer and to your dear Daddy. My heart is overflowing with pride in all those young men who left their families but boys and came home men who had witnessed more of life's pain than one should ever have to see. I am so proud to be an American and so thankful for men like your precious Daddy and Hubby and for men like my Daddy and my nephew who continue to fight the good fight of freedom. I visited the grave of a cousin yesterday afternoon. He didn't make it home from Viet Nam alive, but his spirit lives on in those who love him. His sacrifice will never be forgotten and will always be memorialized for future generations. For so many famalies, that Memorial Wall was only the beginning of the healing process, which should have started many years before. Thank you for this loving tribute. I pray Tomer has a good day and will feel the love and appreciation of a grateful nation for the sacrifices he made.

Many hugs..........


Louise said...

A beautiful tribute to a special man. Blessings!

Pat said...

This is a most beautiful tribute, not only to your precious Dad, and Tom, but to all who serve and have served. May we never forget to honor them, and may we never forget to thank God for this land we are so privledged to call home.

Margie said...

I am all misty!

Please tell Tom thank you for his great and faithful service, to his country and his family!

Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
that picture of the wall brought tears in my eyes too.
The people from "shadow land" defiling with bowed heads.
I hope your Tomer is proud of being a vet and that his wounds may mellow as tears and years go by.
From Felisol