Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pure Bliss

This is where we spent the yard! Tomer happily planting! Don't you love his hat?

The patio where we stop for a rest and enjoy an Arnold Palmer or two. Don't gasp, it's half lemomade and half iced tea...NO booze passes our lips!

Come on in...this walkway from the gate, leads to our side door. Welcome!

After a long day, we are heading indoors.

As we enjoy the sunset, Tomer, softly says "red sky at night a Sailors delight." A perfect ending, to our perfect day!

Love to All!


Sara said...

sigh. looks beautiful as always.

Keetha said...

Trish - - - this is said in a tiny little whisper - - - twice now when you've left me your lovely and most appreciated comments you have called me Keesha. Now, what I wonder is, are you giving me an endearing nick name 'cause you love me - - - in which case that's cool and I thank you, or do you not realize my name is really Keetha????? Just wondering - - - -because I'll keep answering to whatever you decide to call me!!!!! Even Sue.

Trish said...

I am sooo sorry KEETHA! But i do love you and thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Pat said...

What a dandy my cousin is in his gardening hat!
The yard is as beautiful as ever, be sure to take more pictures when everything is in full bloom, it's a treat for the eyes!
Get that firepit ready and warm up the porch swing...we might actually have time to drop by this year..Lord willin'!

Samantha said...

What a beautiful yard and sunset !
Such great photos, love his hat !
Hugs and blessings to you dear friend.

Keetha said...

1) I totally GET the hat - - - skin cancer is no fun

2) We're "no alcohol past these lips" people over here too.

3) That drink you described sounds LUSHIOUS and REFRESHING

Terry said...

dear trish,
i still have a child's heart inside me and when i look at this comfortable backyard of yours, i think of all the fun it would be to be palying there with my two borhters and betty.
oh all the places to hide for hide and go seek, lots of space to play statues and get up a game or two of tag and draw hop scotch patterns on that long sidewalk.
oh! and a perfect patio where we could enjoy peanut butter sandwiches and freshie to our heart;s content!
no booze would ever pass our lips either trish...then or now!

Trish said...

Well, Miss Terry...I'm just going to have post a picture of the playland, that Papa (Tomer) built for our Grandbabies. Oh, and What is a freshie???

Diane said...

I've never heard of the Arnold Palmer, but I'm definitely going to giving it a try out! Sounds wonderfully refreshing and just what's needed on a hot TN afternoon!

Your yard is beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel 'at home'. As a matter of fact, reading this entire post gave me that 'at home' feeling. Guess it's the TN girl in the both of us, huh?!

Many hugs.........


Terry said...

hey trish
freshie is koolaide.
you know.

"kool-aid kool-aid
tasts great!
i love kool-aid
can't wait!!!!"

good stuff.... freshie.. mom and and dad golden couldn't afford straws so what we used to do is use dandelion stems for straws...ha! terry

Trish said...

Terry...Coming from a family with 8 kids, I drank plenty of Kool-Aid growing up! Now, I'll have to call it freshie!

Mrs. Mac said...

'freshies' kool-aid, arnold palmers, all this talk is making me thirsty. Think I'll go pull a few dandelion stems to sip from. thanks for the great idea, Terry :)

All joking aside, your yard looks great. don't you just love working outside in the spring time???? I'm having a hard time wanting to come in to clean house some days. We had 87 F degrees today ... yahoo!