Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cream or Sugar

When warm weather arrives, Tomer and I find ourselves at McDonald's Drive-thru...several nights during the week. We always order the same thing every trip and enjoy our leisurely ride home. Sipping coffee and licking on ice cream cones...small pleasures, make life wonderful.
So, we pull up...the guy asks "may I take your order?" Tomer answers "yes, can I have 2 vanilla ice cream cones, 1 large coffee with 2 creams and 1 small black coffee, please?" Then surprisingly, the McDonald's guy asks "would you like any cream or sugar in that black coffee?" Huh??? Tom, who is normally pretty quick witted and even snide at times, was actually dumbfounded! Just sitting there with his mouth open...looking puzzled and at a loss for words. So, I finally pipe up, NO, it's black!!! Oh, Lord...I got the giggles and could not stop laughing. Then of course, it's contagious! So, we are sitting in line, laughing hysterically. And as it's nearing our time to pick up our order. Tomer says..."trish, we have to stop laughing. We'll embarrass the poor guy!" Sure, that's going to be easy...Not! I had to look the other way, so that he didn't see me...I was still laughing. I felt kind of bad...but black coffee, is just that, black coffee. No cream, no sugar. So this ol' gal giggled the rest of the way home...cause the look on Tom's face, when the guy asked "cream or sugar in that black?" Was priceless.

Love to All!


Keetha said...

Ahhhh - - - I don't think they hire the brightest and best at McDonald's, I have a McDonald's story of my own.

I'm sure you explained this long before I found your blog, since I've only known about you for a few days now - - - but I'm really really curious why, since your name is Trish, you blog is called "It's Me Again MARGARET"

byhisgracealone said...

ohhh it's embarrasing when that happens and ya cant stop laughing....this was tooooo funny...hope you were able to drink your coffee...:)


Felisol said...

I'm glad we don't have that problem. 90% drink their coffee "just black".
One has to ask for some extra. Private one ask do you have something white for my coffee?
It's common to use whip cream, but somehow impolite to ask for it, in case there's only milk in the house.

I say hurray for the small differences.
From Felisol

Trish said...

Keetha...in answer to your question about the name of my blog...do you remember the singer Ray Stevens? Well, he had a song ...It's me again, Margaret. My oldest daughter Kelly and I, after she married, found ourselves calling each other ALOT. So, we started saying...It's me again, Margaret. When she was setting me up to blog, I could not think of a name!!! So, jokingly I said "what about...It's me again, Margaret!?"
And she said...Mom, you so have to use that...that's my story Keesha.

Samantha said...

How funny !!! You never know
what will happen or be said at your local McDonalds. I am sure
you and your hubby will think of this everytime you go through that Mcdonald line !
Hugs and blessings to you sweet friend, have a wonderful Wednesday !

Pat said...

Dear Margaret,
That happens to Hal every time he goes through and ordres a black coffee...why is that? Maybe he should learn to drink it with cream like me!
It's hard to imagine laughing so hard you can't stop..HA! Seems like we do that all the time in the worst places!! I'd probably blow coffee out my nose if I'd been with you!

Keetha said...

Oh I love it because it is PERSONAL for you AND an inside joke with your daughter.

I remember Ray Stevens, but not that song. Maybe if you hum a few bars!!!

About me being honest - - - I'm so honest I can RARELY even fool my family about the "surprises" I'm trying to do for them - - - you know, like Christmas presents!!!

Terry said...

that IS funny trish!
who drinks the black coffee..you or tomer?
that is such a romantic trip, eh?
whenever we go to the macs, we buy two sundaes, one chocolate, one butterscotch and two senior black coffees!
oh and then bernie puts honey into his black coffee!...........love terry

Terry said...

ps...when i was a kid i read a couple of books...Lord it's me again margaret.
bernie just loves ray stevens..
i will have to tell him to google this song trish!..........love terry

i think that it is a cute name for a blog!

Trish said...

Terry...Tomer drinks the black coffee.
And yes, it is a romantic trip...alone time...just me and my man! LOL
Tell Bernie that I love Ray Stevens too!!!

Constance said...

I am WAY behind on my blog reading!

The coffee story is priceless! Our daughter works at SONIC and most of the customers are about as dim as your McDonald's guy! I mean seriously people, if you don't want a SONIC mint, please don't chuck it at my daughter!

I read your Memorial Day entry. I had a step-cousin who died in Viet Nam a year before my Mom met my Step dad. I remember my Aunt Iris had this beautiful picture of him in uniform framed with all of his medals surrounding it, hanging on the wall. When we lived in Lincoln, NE the Traveling Wall came and we went twice while it was there. I found Robert's name and requested a rubbing from the wall in DC. Currently it's here in Dallas but I have too much on my plate to get there. OMG, the WW2 Memorial is one I want to see badly! I wrote about how my Great-Uncle got to go a couple of years ago and how people were treating him like the hero he is!

Hope your week is going well! I'm up to my eyeballs in graduation preparations! Jennifer is supposed to be induced on Wed June 3rd so unfortunately I won't be there for this one to be born!