Friday, May 29, 2009


WARNING... this is all in fun. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. It is fiction...if you see yourself here...believe me it was unintentional!

In my 57 years I have seen alot of changes. Not just in modern technology, but in people. It is rare nowadays to have a stimulating conversation. I find most shallow at best, in this ME, Me, Me, and Gimme, Gimme society that we live in.

Just sit and listen...Oh, that outfit is sooo cute! Thanks, but I think it makes me look fat!!!
Your hair color looks different, did you change it? Yes, but I'm not sure if I like it or not. But did you notice, that I've lost 11 teen zillion pounds!? Honey, I could tell as soon as you walked in. You look wonderful!

Hey girls, what creams do you use for wrinkles? I am looking soo old and just take a look at these saggy arms...Maybe liposuction. What d'ya think?

I'm getting a new chair. That's nice...I'm remodeling my whole house. Then I want a new car and don't forget a Partridge in a Pear tree!

Whew! Sometimes it's hard to follow! And don't talk Politics or Religion. Don't read anything that betters your mind. Oh, wait...what's this? A Woman's Day magazine...make-up tips for Summer. Perfect!

Love to All!


Keetha said...

Oh my, you have pegged our society.

I hope I have more than that to say - - - - but it is VERY good for me to ponder it.

Diane said...

I so absolutely agree with you! What ever happened to the day when two intelligent adults could sit together and talk about the things in life that really matter? Why is it that we can't sit together and discuss politics and religion without agreeing to disagree? Why must it evolve into a shouting match? All questions for which I certainly do not have the answers. Except for the observation that we are a very childish society, don't you think? Great post!

Many hugs..........


Felisol said...

Dear Trish,
I've often wondered, people will tell you anything about their oh so private sex life, work success, children, but why is it that religion is such a taboo?

I mean I don't go around preaching, I'm not good at it. Always feel like a lousy sinner with nothing much to say.
I will however always tell people who confide in me abouot illness or personal problems that I'll pray for them.
And I do pray.
Should that make me feel ashamed?
I hope not.
Better than complaining about my wrinkles. They can not be hidden any longer anyway.
From Felisol

Louise said...

We are indeed a "Me" society ... seldom do we give thought to anyone else, unless it's to complain or gossip. Only we can make the change that's needed and we do that by changing our conversations ... "Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth" ... if we believed that the Lord meant what He said when that verse was penned, how might "WE" change our conversations?

Just a thought from a sinner saved by grace.

Samantha said...

Yes, I agree with your post, we are too much of a me society, when we should be more of a him JESUS society.

Pat said...

Sometimes I fear that 'real' conversations are replaced by those without any context because people are without knowledge. They are afraid to enter into a dialogue with any depth because they can't contribute. Their minds are so full of celebrities, shopping, spending or the latest trends, they haven't left room for what really matters. It's not that they don't have the intelligence, they have chosen not to be burdened with things that really matter, or in some cases, they really haven't been exposed.
So sayeth me..of little knowledge!

Constance said...

It's unfortunately a sign of our times! People would rather gossip about "Jon & Kate" and speculate on whether Brad and Angie are pregnant again? I mean seriously? Come on people!

I was in the midst of my ESTHER study by Beth Moore this week and she had some interesting Psychological points she made about BERGing and CORFing.

BERG is an acronym for Basking In Reflected Glory. It's the obsession with famous people. It's the people who want to be famous by associating with famous people.

CORF is an acronym for Cutting Off Reflected Failure. It's the idea of Sports fans for example: The kind who start following "their" team when they are winning but when they lose they say "they" lost the game last night.

Pretty interesting stuff actually.

Sadly, there is no depth to people anymore. It's either that they can't think for themselves or like others have said, they can't handle a difference of opinion w/o having a meltdown. I have one of those in my own family!

Good post, made me think!

Terry said...

i remember once that a visiting missionary came by and at that time so many of the christians were caught up in remodeling their homes with new cupboards and different wall to wall carpeting..oh what colour should they get?
well that missionary's heart was almost broken as he told us that in the country he was living, that the people would be just happy if they could afford to build a "card wood hut" to live in..
we have so much trish...too much and we are never satisfied it seems, eh?
this was such a great post...i think i will print it out for grampa yade and for mom golden, if you don't terry