Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mothers Day Gift

Welcome to my home...Whether it be reading, bouncing Grandbabies to sleep or writing my posts. This is my favorite spot in the house. I have lived here for almost 31 years...God has blessed me with a husband, who serves the Lord with his whole heart, loves his family and is the hardest working man that I know...he has always provided, I have lacked nothing. And he is always there to lend a hand when others need him...he has a servants heart.
Today, on this Mothers Day...I must say that my greatest gift is my husband...the man who leads us by example. Giving God the glory for everything in our lives and telling others that "we are nothing without Jesus who always makes a way for us."
After almost 40 years of marriage, I still feel cherished...everyday as he is loving on our Grandbabies or sitting with our girls laughing or giving free fatherly advice...he is loving me.
Thank you Lord...I am blessed!

Love to all!


Samantha said...

What a lovely home and sweet post.
You are blessed to have such a loving husband and he is blessed to have you ! God is so good, I am blessed and am so thankful.
Hugs and blessings to you dear friend, have a great week !

Constance said...

I know what you mean exactly since I have a man that has a heart for God and that I am absolutely crazy about! We are indeed blessed. Is there anything more attractive than a man who is sold out for God?

Pat said...

That man is a gift for sure...we all feel that way about him. You are a blessed family.
The house looks fab as usual. You'll never find any dust there! Makes a person (me) want to come by with some Tim Horton's coffee a sit a while!
Love you!!

Deb said...

What a beautiful home Trish! I'm comin' over to sit a spell - put the tea kettle on!

You are indeed blessed. Never take Tomer for granted... :)

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

Trish said...

Deb...wouldn't it be wonderful to sit a spell and share a cup of tea
together! Can you imagine the gabfest we'd have! Oh, and Pat don't forget our Tim Horton's coffee on your way...and pick up some donut's while you're there!

Pat said...

Isn't that blog reunion at Niagara Falls sounding sweeter all the time?

Trish said...

Pat...yes it is!!! And I love road trips!

Louise said...

Blog reunion at Niagara Falls? Oh yes!
Beautiful home Trish, just like those who live in it.
I love you.

Amber Land said...

Hope your Mothers Day was wonderful. Thanks for checking on me. I had a very good day. We went to church with Chad's gradma (she's sick), walked over to my Dad and Carlyn's house then Aid came over with Gracie. It was a full day. Still didn't feel led to go to the cemetary, I just can't wrap my mind around why to go when she isn't there. God has been very good to me to give me such peace.